Improvements at Lichfield Trent Valley station have been welcomed by a local MP.

Resurfacing of the main car park at the station has been completed, with a new layout introduced at the entrance and exit to the site.

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said the work would be welcomed by passengers.

Michael Fabricant MP with Jonny Wiseman at Lichfield Trent Valley

“I was delighted to see improved access for pedestrians and drivers when I visited Lichfield Trent Valley Station this morning.

“The Lichfield Rail Promotion Group and I have been campaigning hard for a safe footpath off the Burton Road into the railway station instead of the need to dodge cars entering and leaving the car park.

“And drivers will notice a big improvement too with no pot holes and fresh tarmac on the road surface.

“The work is the latest in a series of improvements at Lichfield Trent Valley, following the opening of passenger lifts at the station last year.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Jonny Wiseman, customer experience director at West Midlands Railway, added:

“These improvements will mean a smoother welcome to the station for motorists and pedestrians alike when passenger numbers begin to increase over the coming months.

“All through lockdown we have continued to run trains for our customers who have been making essential journeys and with the trains quieter than usual it was the perfect time to complete this upgrade work.”

Jonny Wiseman, West Midlands Railway

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  1. I presume he has not noticed there are no direction signs to it – or that it is too small! Always in touch as ever.

    Very impressed that he seems to be rebuilding the station bit by bit – and over many years single handedly. Next week he will be demanding a footpath bewteen Burntwood and Lichfield and getting the County Council’s own potholes repaired in time for polling day – maybe.

  2. Waiting for the first accident to occur when drivers ignore the “Left Turn Only” at the exit from Station Approach to Burton Road.

  3. Taxis were doing it on the first day they opened it, Gary. Mind you, the taxis using LTV station have been a law unto themselves for years. I remember one clipping me with his wing mirror as he drove past at high speed before stopping to have a go at me for damaging the wing mirror!!!

  4. Is it just me or does Fabricant just seem to be in love with LTV station. If it’s not new disabled access lifts, it’s new car parks and now it’s resurfacing. I wonder if he noticed all the pot holes, ridiculous queue of cars trying to use the tip and the litter everywhere on his journey to and from his beloved train station? Probably not. I think he loves LTV so much as it his escape route back to London where he belongs. Your time in Lichfield is up Fabby.

  5. There are quite a few ‘issuettes’ here, making a big issue overall.
    Mr F as MP should of course be doing more, But he won’t.
    Please all Conservative voters, think & consider why you support this party, this actual MP, then please think ‘Is this what I really believe in’, Personally,, I don’t think the current Tory party is traditional Tory party…I don’t know how to get out of our nightmare short of voting for another party or not voting?
    There are sensible alternatives and sensible opinions which don’t lend themselves to supporting this particular, Tory, govt.
    (Ps- hardly anyone is commuting any more). This is nonsense – Fabricant wants more wfh.


  7. Mr F loves his picture being taken ? sadly not in front of the terrible roads around Lichfield ? He’s only interested in having his picture taken and shows no interest in the City’s troubles, but as long as people vote for him he’s as safe as the new build houses. Lichfield could still be a great place to live but it needs a halt on all new builds, the infrastructure needs repairing we need more doctors and dentists for the current population. Everyone reading this shares the same basic thoughts on our city it’s sad the council don’t do more to help us. Why not stipulation all new builds need to have solar panels or heat pumps ? Why not insist on the developers to build and staff a new doctors surgery for every X number of houses built? The council are only interested in ££££

  8. Mr Wright
    You’ve hit the nail right on the head and I suspect our MP needs a sat nav to get to Burntwood, I have only seen him here once and that was just before an

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