Improvements to a busy junction in Lichfield could see a piece of land used to make way for a new filter lane.

More than 250 square metres of the public open space at Festival Gardens could be transferred to Staffordshire County Council as part of the works at the Bowling Green island.

Highways chiefs hope to create a filter lane from the A51 to The Friary to ease traffic congestion.

A notice on Lichfield City Council’s website said:

“The transport assessment supporting the St John’s residential development identified a requirement for an increase in traffic capacity at the A51 Western Bypass and Friary junction.

“The preferred option consists of a segregated left turn lane.

“Several trees would need to be removed to facilitate these improvements. Initial discussions with Staffordshire County Council confirm replacement specimens to be planted nearby will be funded if the scheme progresses.

“The city council is consulting with residents and requesting further discussions with the county council as to the appropriateness of this proposal and its evidence base prior to making any firm commitment on the matter.”

Residents can give their views on the potential use of the Festival Gardens land by emailing by 9am on 6th April.

Further details on the proposals are available on the Lichfield City Council website.

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  1. So more mature trees are to be felled in favour of the Motor Car ? I see they are going to be replaced !!! Presumably by saplings ? Might I suggest that the council be forced to replace the trees with trees of the same size as those felled ? This way they might think twice about felling mature trees all over our area ? It’s NOT the first time and it WONT be the last !!!!! SAD

  2. Why was the By-pass built? To discourage vehicles driving straight through the City Centre. Someone remind SCC!

  3. This is a direct result of the local council’s obsession with building more and more houses in Lichfield. If they can’t build houses on a strip of land, they’ll convert it to roads, to further allow most housing. Lichfield used to be such a lovely city until about 5 years ago. It’s just turning into a sprawling mess of concrete – thanks for this council.

  4. Let’s wait until schools are back and start major road works at the bowling green,which loonatic thaught that one up

  5. Seems very sad for such a lovely feature to be desecrated. As previous comment trees take many, many years to grow to the hieght to be able to absorb traffic air pollution. Another solution needs to be found. If we are to meet air pollution reductions required to cope with health problems.

  6. If the new development is going to cause problems with congestion. Why was it approved?

    The developers come in. Build all over the place. Make a massive profit. Disappear.

    Council Tax payers then have to pay to fix the mess.

  7. Waste of time and money most traffic going Walsall roadat island or Birmingham road due to computing to Birmingham or Walsall will not improve traffic flow

  8. It does get the question, what DOES the current LDC have to do to not get elected?? Pour millions down the drain on Friarsgate, over develop the city left right and centre……yet still some morons insist on voting for them. It’s depressing beyond belief.

  9. What is the St John’s residential development. Please don’t tell me it’s another flaming housing estate. How much more?

  10. The purpose declared by the County Council to clear some trees in the Festival Gardens, to the left of the southbound lane of the Western Bypass as it enters the Bowling Green roundabout, is to improve the line of sight into the Friary; there is no need to do this, as drivers will be looking to their right at the traffic coming around the roundabout, not to their left.

  11. More loss of green space. Isn’t it time we stopped pandering to the motor car? There has to be a point where we can’t keep building more and more roads. The current increase in traffic is not sustainable. We hear a lot of spin about improving the environment, but this isn’t matched by action, and this is just one more example of double speak. How about some action on things like footpaths and cycle paths, forms of transport that are sustainable

  12. Quick. It’s green and has trees on it, flatten it !!!!
    All our green belt has gone due to houses, HS2 has destroyed our countryside, it’s so wrong,.
    No, I’m not an eco warrior, I’m just a lifetime resident who is watching his home town and countryside get ruined

  13. Yay, let’s build a race track to further kill the pedestrians trying to cross the road at that point. It’s already like the “Bowling Green Zone” on Sonic the Hedgehog (showing my age) trying to cross any City-side road to get to the Bowling Green pub (if we’re every allowed to, again, that is…)

  14. Put a blue rosette on a donkey and it would get elected to make these bizarre decisions. Whoops, sorry it was a donkey proposing this scheme!
    Don’t they know, more roads = more cars = more congestion..

  15. I do hope the elected Council read these comments? but I doubt it. Objection after objection by the Electorate yet still they proceed to ignore and carry on with destroying Lichfield. They should sort out the other Fiasco’s they have left in limbo before creating another one.

  16. Muddled thinking and as others have said pandering to motorists. This would effectively blight one of the few remaining attractive gateways to the city centre. Bowling Green island and the Friary does give a lovely introduction to the centre of Lichfield at present, more importantly it is a well-maintained and attractive green space for local people to enjoy.

    Of course that way into the centre does give a false impression as you then have the identikit budget hotel building and retirement flats off the island to the university campus, the once glorious library building which is now an empty shell, swing around and you head to the flagship Friarsgate shopping hub-cum-abandoned and boarded up building site, take a left and you get the functional bus station, multi-storey car park, back end of Three Spires, yet another retirement development being built, then the monstrosity that is the giant Tesco.

    So, probably concrete over the Bowling Green/Friarsgate area completely, it will be in keeping with the way the rest of the city centre is being ruined.

  17. Absolutely disgusting we are loosing enough trees to HS2, the festival’s garden and rose gardens always look beautiful why create more room for cars the council should be encouraging more walking/ exercise. Leave it alone.

  18. It’s a small component part of the County & District Council’s plan that is transforming Lichfield into an attractive logistics hub for large multinational companies to exploit. This will allow the free flow of large articulated lorries between the inland port being built at Gailey on the A5 and the new proposed warehouses at Cricket Lane just off the A38, and to the Business park at Fradley further on the same road. Staffs County Highways dept. don’t understand why there’re dissenting voices when they were under the impression Lichfield residents wanted the ‘relief road’ that is the Southern Bypass. Remember, this and the St John’s development are their justification for this further assault on our green spaces, R.I.P. the ‘Darwin Walk’.

  19. I would like to return to live in Lichfield up until this latest news so I have decided to stay put in the north.

  20. It all leaves me flabbergasted that so called councillors for the people could consider let alone make such moronic decisions. Please don’t compare them to donkeys who I can assure you have far more intelligence and would do a much better job than this council ,i.e Staffs County Council and LD C, who seem to be manipulated dummies by Persimmon Homes as they continue to build all over Lichfield. Very strange!!!

  21. A few years ago I went to a presentation by solar company to build a solar farm in Lichfield, where Councillors were present and it all seemed very positive , but NO it didn’t happen, obviously the Tory dinosaurs took over.
    I now have solar panels and my electricity bills (Summer) with pay back from the grid came in around £2/month!
    It is time the dinosaurs in Lichfield realised they are extinct and gave up their seats to the future citizens who are for a fairer and ecologically sound Lichfield.

  22. What an appalling waste of ratepayers’ money. Never encountered any problems at this junction. SCC will eventually realise that any road “improvements”, however minor, will only result in more traffic. That’s bad news for the environment and contrary to HM Government’s stated policy of getting those of us who have cars to use them less.

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