A checkpoint in Lichfield has formed part of a crackdown on motoring offences by Staffordshire Police.

One of the vehicles inspected by police during the operation

The five-day operation – which also saw officers stationed at sites in Tamworth and Uttoxeter – saw more than 180 vehicles stopped and 110 offences identified.

Issues such as insecure loads, excess weights and vehicle defects were among the offences police encountered during the operation.

Sergeant Tony Mckenzie, who oversaw the operation, said:

“This was about increasing safety on the county’s roads and that’s why we wanted to set up checkpoints in so many different places in Staffordshire.

“This was done to not only reflect the different types of commercial vehicles which pass through those areas but to show the communities a visible road policing presence.”

Sgt Tony Mckenzie, Staffordshire Police

A total of four vehicles were seized while two individuals were arrested on suspicion of drug driving.

“We want to show the hauliers and commercial vehicle drivers who follow the law and maintain their fleet that we are here to target those who do not.

“We have received training in tacographs – which records information about driving time – so that we can see when motorists need to be taking a break which is for their own safety.

“By carrying out these stops it also gives our officers the opportunity to disrupt organised crime gangs using road haulage, for example to transport stolen vehicles.

“It also represents a chance to stop offences around trafficking.”

Sgt Tony Mckenzie, Staffordshire Police

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  1. Any chance of seeing some policing of the roads in Lichfield?
    All I’ve ever get is the excuse they have no resources to enforce anything.

  2. We need this done in Armitage with Handsacte as there is a weight restriction and it is currently being abused by HGVS using the villages as a short cut

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