Bosses say they hope changes to Lichfield’s household waste recycling centre will help to ease congestion around the site in future.

Queues for Lichfield’s household waste recycling centre at Trent Valley island last year

Extra space is being created at the Witley Drive facility with more unloading areas and additional ramps.

But visitors are being warned of restrictions this weekend – including vehicles over 1.9metres not being allowed in – as final steps are taken to finish the improvements.

The centre will open as usual from 9am to 5pm on Saturday (27th March) and will open at 9am 0n Sunday before closing at 2pm. The site will then reopen at noon on the following Wednesday.

Darryl Eyers, Staffordshire County Council’s director for economy, infrastructure and skills, said:

“The work at Lichfield will increase capacity and allow us to handle more users at any one time so we appreciate people’s patience while we finish the work.

“We will continue to have officers on the road outside to help manage queues and unfortunately we are unable to accept vehicles taller than 1.9metres at Lichfield this weekend.

“Under current social distancing restrictions where staff cannot help customers unload recycling, it takes much longer to empty larger vehicles and we are keen to keep traffic moving this Saturday and Sunday.

“If anyone cannot wait until later in the week, they are welcome to use one of our other sites such as Burntwood, Burton or Rugeley.”

Darryl Evers, Staffordshire County Council

Mr Evers said that sites across the county had faced a rise in demand during the period of warmer weather.

“We have seen a marked increase in use in recent weeks at our sites but we still have social distancing measures in place and at the moment we cannot handle as many customers at once as we used to.

“If people can stagger their visits or choose a less busy period it helps spread the load and reduces queues.”

Darryl Evers, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. Well..I has misfortune of visiting this afternoon to drop off one bag of garden waste, as I refuse to accept that my annual £2,000 council tax can no longer cover the cost of a fortnightly green collection, and can confirm that it was chaos … I queued for 50 minutes , stuck in a one way system, whilst the site staff hid in their shed sipping tea. I understand the reasoning behind not helping to unload..but they certainly assist with coordinating the site. Two kind parking officers were trying to manage best the traffic chaos on the main road leading into the centre.

    How can a single lane dropping off bay for about 7 or 8 cars be enough capacity for a city of over 30,000 residents.

    No wonder I constantly see fly tipping along the country lanes of our rapidly declining city.
    Just another example of Lichfield lacking the infrastructure for the 13 thousand new proposed homes not to mention the numerous builds already in development.

    Never thought I’d say it.. but time to move.

  2. How about really using your imagination. You could make it one way with an exit or entrance on Cappers Lane using some of the Highways depot land.

    Or even easier, open every day and spread the demand – simples?

  3. Why don’t you adopt the same system as Birmingham city council, you book a time slot (15 minutes) online, enter the vehicle registration and on entry to the tip proof of living in the Lichfield council e.g driving license, so simple, no tailbacks.
    I suggest you look at on the Birmingham city council website and adopt the same system

  4. Put it back to how it was you muppets, tailbacks resolved

    It’s not exactly rocket science

    And get it moved ASAP

  5. Why are any & all large vans & trucks laden with waste allowed to use this small facility? Is this not commercial waste that should go to a larger tip?….. They take up the space of two cars & take much longer to unload thus holding up the people who pay their council tax to use this place

  6. Two suggestions –
    1 More slips and more space to unload. Like the old layout of some years ago ( being looked at now ?? )
    2 Open 7 days a week. Arrange a staff rota to resolve. The staff still work a 5 day week but cover is thought out and the site is open all week.

  7. Opening more days is useless if the site is not fit for purpose, it will just be queues every day.

    If these improvements do not work, a booking system needs to be introduced ASAP.

    Longer term, the moving of the site has now become a priority, it is way too small and in a bad location.

  8. This does need to be sorted out ASAP. Stop the vans entering, rearrange the site and introduce online booking for a time slot. All very achievable and can be done quickly.

  9. If the intended changes don’t significantly improve the situation I expect to see some major resignations. The most camel like committee in the world could not have invented the system you have now with pedestrians and cars both moving in a confined space and not one single AMEY helper in sight to direct traffic

  10. In the last two days I tried, and failed , four times to get to the tip. The traffic officers were fair and doing their job and should be commended for having to sort out a mess that was not of their making. Whoever it was that reorganized the layout of the tip earlier this year should be fired as it reduced capacity by two thirds. The site itself is not large enough and a new larger site with access that is not off a main road needs to be found urgently. Surely there’s a brown-field site that could be repurposed? In the meantime, you wonder why there’s an increase in fly tipping? The answer is obvious!

  11. I was told some time ago that the council were seeking a better site for the tip. Is that not still the case?
    The traffic problem is getting worse by the week. In order to get past the queue for the tip, vehicles are coming off the roundabout on the wrong side of the road. An accident waiting to happen.
    Surely there is a safer site for the the tip?

  12. The council, county council, whoever, missed a trick when Norgren in Eastern Ave. relocated a few years ago, the site was plenty big enough for a tip and somwhere to store the winter road salt

  13. SCC have confirmed they want to move the facility but are having some problems, I don’t know why. If you have a team that knows the county and area well I am sure you could find potential sites very quickly. I do know a previous problem was ‘operational’ well that seems to have been sorted, keeping it where it is is operationally inept. Come on SCC sort it out, this is embarrassing!

  14. As a local resident I have made multiple complaints about the excessive queuing onto the main road around Trent Valley island and along Cappers Lane to local and district council – no action taken. Major issues accessing my property during tip opening hours and up to an hour before it opens, refuse NOT being collected and unable to receive deliveries as they cannot gain access due to the constant gridlock caused by the volume of traffic. SCC – it’s unacceptable to continue using this site with the expansion of more housing as the demand is only going to increase – clearly the infrastructure cannot cope with current levels.

  15. I would have thought a booking system would only be effective if it balances out the busy periods with the quiet periods. I really don’t see how it would improve the situation in a site that’s constantly busy. Yes, it might reduce the tailbacks, but more people being unable to access the centre, could just result in an increase in the amount of fly tipping.

  16. Great suggestion that we use the tip at less busy times – would have helped to tell us when that is though…

  17. Other areas of the country and in Wales have a booking system which works excellently. Someone needs to seriously look at this outdated system it’s a disgrace and an embarrassment to Lichfield.

  18. Like most of Lichfield the traffic volume has continued to rise as houses have been built and this site and island junction is no exception. The bypass system is risible. They only approved the latest part of the ‘Southern Bypass’ because they were offered money so could do it on the cheap. For all practical purposes it will prove to be a white elephant. My protests regarding pollution levels were disregarded. They are and will, apparently, be “normal.” I have their correspondence and reports on this should proof of culpability by the council be necessary at a later date. Some of these issues (including the refuse site) are so obvious in their faults as to cast doubt on the ability of the decision making process. Certainly some councillors and backroom officers seem to be in office for somthing other than public service.

  19. Shambles today 4pn April 10th. Every container full, some dangerously overflowing. THREE lorries at least unloading waste, largely wood,with nowhere to put it! And trying to unload plasterboard. Who booked them all in at same time? 2 staff overwhelmed. Absolutely dangerous shambles. Open it every day with more staff might help.

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