Shoppers in Lichfield and Burntwood are being asked to support campaigns to help tackle food poverty.

Between 29th March and 11th April Central England Co-op has announced it will donate 5% from the sale of its Irresistible range to FareShare Midlands.

The initiative comes on the back of a spring food bank appeal launched by the Lichfield-based retailer

Hannah Gallimore, Central England Co-op’s corporate responsibility manager, said:

“Our long-standing relationship with FareShare has had a life-changing impact for people in our communities in the years we have been working together and as the demand for support continues to grow during these uncertain times, we are proud to stand with them to help those in need as we strive to create a sustainable Society for all.

“Having access to food should be a simple thing but, as these figures reveal, it is becoming increasingly difficult for so many in our communities, particularly as the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to hit home.

“We know our kind-hearted customers will be more than willing to support by picking up products from our fantastic Irresistible range in their local shop, and by doing so giving the charity a boost and helping those families in need this spring.”

Hannah Gallimore, Central England Co-op

Items that can be donated the food bank appeal include shopping basket staples from tea, sugar and cereals to other essentials such as toiletries and hygiene products to ensure people can maintain their dignity during times of crisis.

They are also asking for cchocolate eggs prior to Easter along with the usual donations.

A spokesperson for Lichfield Foodbank said:

“We are very grateful for all the help Central England Co-op provides helping us to support local people who are in food crisis all year round and at special times like Easter.

“In these difficult times, it is needed even more.”

Lichfield Foodbank spokesperson

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  1. @Chris, yes, given the 10 years of austerity prior to Brexit and then Coronavirus. Yet there are those making their fortunes out of all this. Making billions yet the ordinary tax payer like myself having to fork out from our meagre pensions for a failed international satellite company which will surveil us when we didn’t even know that we were part of it. How undemocratic! .

  2. Has the quality of debate really deteriorated to this level? For all time there has been needy families. Society has had to address this and it is not party political. The causes are many and rarely due to indolence. Many work in poorly paid jobs and still find it difficult to feed their families. I dont believe in a utopian society but it does no harm to help where we can, however little that help may be. The Co Op is not seeking to change the World just help an organisation to help others. If you have a problem with that then no politics will be of any use to you.

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