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Police are warning Lichfield and Burntwood residents to be vigilant after reports of phone scammers trying to persuade people to hand over money.

Officers say calls have been received by people living across Staffordshire.

The scam sees the caller give the would-be victim their correct National Insurance number before telling them a warrant for their arrest has been issued as they owe the police money.

DI Stephen Ward from Staffordshire Police’s Specialist Investigations team for fraud and cybercrime, said:

“It cannot be stated importantly enough that the police will never ask for you to move or present cash to us.

“Never share personal details to anyone. And please also remember that banks will only ask for partial details.

“If the person on the other end of the phone is asking for your full personal and account details this should be a red flag.

“If you are unsure, take five minutes out to verify the story and call a trusted source to check the validity of any contact of this kind.

“Fraudsters can sometimes stay on your line to prevent you calling out so it might be worth using another phone for this.”

DI Stephen Ward, Staffordshire Police

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  1. I have had several calls recently saying I owe ‘Amazon’ money for various reasons however when I said I could not spend time at present and ask for a number to call back on they put the receiver down which tells me a lot!! I suggest the same practice might be worthwhile

  2. Phone companies should be forced to provide an easy to remember phishing report number. We just ring after phishing attempt and they log it. When the number has been reported a number of times they respond. Its hardly difficult.

  3. We’ve had so many bogus & scam callers on the landline that we’ve bought an answer phone and now vet all calls that way.
    I’ve had umpteen emails especially pretending to be from outlook but also Facebook, Broadband provider and various email maintenance…just ignore and delete, don’t open any email unless you’re expecting one and for sanity sake, don’t answer the phone – genuine people will contact you by other means if necessary.
    The worst was an email saying they’d hacked my email account and were mailing from it…it you get one of those don’t worry, just check your sent box…the message, if fake, won’t be there & it’s a scam. Hundreds in last 6 months…

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