A petition has been launched to prevent part of an open space in Lichfield being used to create a new filter lane at a junction in the city.

Plans have been unveiled by Staffordshire County Council to create the new layout at the A51 connection with The Friary at the Bowling Green island.

The junction at the A51 and The Friary. Picture: Google Streetview

It would see the loss of land from Festival Gardens to create the new left turn filter lane.

But a petition has now been launched by Katie Smith to prevent the plan from going ahead.

She said:

“Lichfield is a beautiful city, full of green spaces which have been so important to us all now more than ever.

“This move will result in the irrevocable loss of trees, shrubs and parkland with the net result of saving motorists a few minutes on their commute.

“We must not allow this proposal to go ahead.

“If you live in or visit Lichfield, please sign this petition to let the council know how much our city’s green spaces mean to us – once they are gone, they are gone.

“These spaces are home to wildlife, are safe spaces for children and adults to walk and cycle, not to mention how amazing they look all year round – let’s keep them safe for future generations.”

Katie Smith

A notice on Lichfield City Council’s website said “several trees would need to be removed to facilitate these improvements”:

“The transport assessment supporting the St John’s residential development identified a requirement for an increase in traffic capacity at the A51 Western Bypass and Friary junction.

“The preferred option consists of a segregated left turn lane.

“Several trees would need to be removed to facilitate these improvements. Initial discussions with Staffordshire County Council confirm replacement specimens to be planted nearby will be funded if the scheme progresses.

“The city council is consulting with residents and requesting further discussions with the county council as to the appropriateness of this proposal and its evidence base prior to making any firm commitment on the matter.”

Residents can give their views on the potential use of the Festival Gardens land as part of a consultation by emailing enquiries@lichfield.gov.uk by 9am on 6th April.

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  1. We do not need to lose any more green space and trees from our City. In my view it is not necessary to alter the Friary A51 junction. With people working from home and the new Southern Bypass. I have to question this decision.

  2. Surely there is no need to encourage traffic into the city centre. St John street is a bottle neck at the best of times. And now with a new bypass I can only see things getting worse. The amount of new traffic coming in from the new housing estates on the edge of the city is also going to make a great impact on the city. Surely cycle lanes better walk ways from these estates is better for our environment. I can’t believe how the view to Wall has changed a sea of housing so so sad Lichfield changing for the worse.

  3. I rather think that we have lost enough trees within the Lichfield area and surrounds. We already have what was wonderful countryside adjoining the HS2 debacle on the outskirts of lichfield looking like the devastated countryside scenes fromWW1 and WW2. The Rose Garden opposite what were the old city swimming baths and clock tower were provided for our city as a pleasant place to visit and perhaps sit close to the city centre.For goodness sake leave well alone.

  4. I’m sick of seeing the greenbelt being turned over and new houses springing up.Surely its time now for this to stop.We are fortunate to have such wonderful scenery so why change it.The new estate by Waitrose is a prime example. At one time it was a pleasure to see sheep and lambs in the fields, now its becoming concrete jungles.
    Ok people have to be housed but enough is enough

  5. It really is shocking what has & is happening to Lichfield.So much loss of countryside &an excessive building plan.Do they not understand how countryside & wildlife is so important for our well being.They seen intent on eradicating everything green & natural.It must stop.We’ve had enough

  6. Here we go again, another madcap idea from LDC. Lichfield is having its Heart ripped out with bad decisions. … to interfere with The Festival Gardens will again erode what very little green space the City has left.

  7. We do not need anymore housing or roadworks in Lichfield.
    The Rose Garden/Festival Garden is beautiful and should be left alone.

    I have lived in Lichfield all of my life and my family go back generation’s
    It used to be such a lovely City but it is now unrecognizable do sad
    The poor Doctor surgery can’t cope and what about the Hospitals why keep building houses.

  8. A careful look at the planning for all these new estates will show lots of fluff about people walking into town, cycling, using a bus service (which may or may not be provided) to enable the developers to tick all the right enviromental /community boxes for the planning process. The reality is that people will use a car (although to be balanced many people are trying to be more in tune with the environment). Provided the application is framed to meet planning requirements it will go through and the resultant increase in traffic and lack of community provision is then left to be fully sorted after they have walked away with their profit. (The community levy on developers is not enough). I remember a meeting a few years ago to address the overdevelopment of Lichfield when a remark was made that there is always “collateral damage” . Such a sad situation.
    On another note although it is way too late it is such a shame these developments could not have been more interesting.

  9. Please remember who to vote for in the upcoming local elections, not the “same old, same old” Just because you voted for them last, have a good long look at their voting patterns, question the candidates on their personal beliefs. not those of their London masters!

  10. This idea is the worst yet Lichfield has had. Those gardens provide endless pleasure to the elderly people living in the flats nearby . They don’t have any balconies to stand or sit on so the only flowers and greenery at The Festival Garden is their outside view from their windows . Also in the water there are water voles living and other habit so its a definite no no .

  11. @Alan Harper… I very much agree. Following party dogma has been the downfall of Lichfield. Parish councils insist on no political alliance. This gives much better representation. We are not a mini Westminster but just citizens wishing to improve and support our communities. Yes this does include change but in a controlled and balanced way. Why the council (under the Cameran house building explosion edict) decided that Lichfield and Burntwood needed to “GROW” (their words) exponentially is beyond understanding. The results are dire and totally alian to the historic ethos of the area and city.

  12. There are more traffic measures which have a greater necessity than this proposal. Stop the HGV’S using Walsall road, Trent valley road and st.John’s street as short cuts. We now have by- passes in place so why have weight restrictions not been put in place so they have to use them.

  13. Other than a complete lack of need for this facility, it is disturbing that staff at County Hall are wasting ratepayers’ – our – money drawing up schemes like this. Every road “improvement”, however small, simply serves to increase traffic levels contrary to the green agenda and to Government stated policy to get those of us who have cars to use them less. Let’s press for a Unitary Authority for Lichfield and cut out this remote County Council tier of local government.

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