A digital speed indicator

A new initiative hoping to cut the number of drivers speeding through Hammerwich is being rolled out.

A solar-powered digital speed indicator will flag up how fast motorists are travelling.

If they’re within the limit then a green smiley face appears – but if they go over the limit, a red angry face will appear on the LED screen.

Vance Wasdell, Chairman of Hammerwich Parish Council said:

“I am impressed with the response shown by drivers.

“Public participation is the key, and we seem to be getting it.

”I thank Cllr Dave King for his hard work on the project to help make our roads safer.”

Vance Wasdell, Hammerwich Parish Council

The village’s Speedwatch Team will also continue to work with Staffordshire Police to monitor drivers travelling above the limit in Hammerwich alongside the new device.

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