Lichfield’s MP has thrown his weight behind as campaign to prevent open space in the city being lost to make way for a new junction layout.

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

Staffordshire County Council hopes to put a filter lane in between. the A51 and The Friary at the Bowling Green island.

A petition has seen more than 1,700 people sign up to object to the proposals.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant has also shared his views on the scheme with the county council.

The junction at the A51 and The Friary. Picture: Google Streetview

“The glory of Lichfield is its leafy lanes and open parkland – plans to shave off land from the Festival Gardens for a road widening scheme is just not on.

“Although this is a decision for the county and local government, having now seen the plans I have let the county know of my firm objection to these proposals.

“Excessive construction – and many might say there is too much already – will spoil the character of Lichfield and will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs for property developers and local councils.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. It’s just a shame there wasn’t quite the same outcry when the Darwin Walk (Lichfield’s Green Necklace) was sacrificed to the County Council’s ‘Southern Bypass’. The destruction of the Memorial Trees planted in the former canal in the 1990’s, still leaves a bad taste. Where were the voices of the Darwin Walk trustees then?

  2. So Lichfield’s MP does get involved in council matters after all these years.
    What about the County Councillors?
    Are they taking a vow of silence in his place now?

  3. People should have bit more patience when in traffic & think of our children growing up Lichfield is already becoming a concrete jungle without widening roads to save motorists few minutes

  4. Huzzah!! The gardens are safe!
    Our MP has “thrown his weight” behind the campaign to stop the filter lane.
    Just like he did with the fight against HS2.
    He threw his considerably bulk behind that campaign and as we know HS2 is not causing irreparable damage to the Staffordshire environment.
    Rejoice! We are saved!

  5. How about we think outside the box and make it more attractive for people to use public transport instead of cars? Some of our local bus services are prohibitively expensive, especially for families. Maybe we could even enable people to cycle or walk a bit more safely?

    As usual, our MP is just paying lip service to environmental concerns with no intention of putting his money where his mouth is and giving local government the financial and legal incentives needed to green our economy and communities.

  6. Personally I find that Lichfield “traffic” moves fairly well and rarely experience more than a minute or two of waiting anywhere in the area. I’d understand this idea if the roundabout was a major bottleneck.. but it largely isn’t! I’d rather the roads were made safer for cycling.

  7. Late to the party and trying to justify his relevance as our local MP. Statement is laughable given that it is his conservative colleagues in Westminster, Staffs CC and LDC who are responsible for allowing rampant expansion by relaxing planning laws and surrendering to the large developers.

  8. The plan to desecrate the Festival Gardens in order to install a filter lane for traffic turning left from the A51 to the City is totally unnecessary, in view of construction of the Southern Bypass, which is supposed to divert traffic from the City
    May 6th elections? My confidence in all councillors is Zero.
    So far as Michael Fabricant is concerned, he is only interested in self preservation, and I have always been true blue.

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