A Burntwood councillor has criticised proposals for a housing estate on a site earmarked as part of a new town centre.

The ‘blue hoarding’ site in Burntwood. Picture: Google Streetview

A document posted online has outlined a plan for homes on land behind the Morrisons supermarket at Milestone Way

The leaflet – appearing with the branding of a housing association – is seeking views on the potential for housing on the so-called ‘blue-hoarding site’.

Part of the leaflet outlining plans for the land

“Our vision is to develop the existing unused brownfield site to provide a high-quality residential development to include a mix of housing types and styles to provide affordable homes for local people.

“The proposals have been informed by various site assessments, including a series of technical and environmental studies.”

Text from a leaflet outlining the plans for housing on the ‘blue hoarding’ site in Burntwood

But Cllr Steve Norman, leader of the Labour opposition group at Lichfield District Council, said the proposals flew in the face of plans for a new Burntwood town centre.

Steve Norman

“The document has the usual artist’s impression of a lovely development – designed to win the support of the public – and shows the whole of the ‘blue hoarding site’ covered with houses.

“The landowner already has planning permission for retail development and has promised he town that is what they want to do for years now.

“In addition, the Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan supports this proposal, as does Lichfield District Council’s own Local Plan.

“If residents want to stop this then supporting the Neighbourhood Plan in the referendum being held on 6th May 6th is vital as planning permission has to take note of the Neighbourhood Plan.”

Cllr Steve Norman, Lichfield District Council

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  1. No more housing estates.. that’s it now … time for retail doctors, leisure ect .. enough is enough.

  2. Forget more houses in Burntwood
    We have seen a lot go up in the last 5 years with no more extra shops,Dr’s, schools
    Think about that first before you start on MORE HOUSING ESTATES! !!

  3. Lichfied council will not be satisfied till burntwood is joined to lichfield . Burntwood has gone from a village to a vast houseing estate . They have recked lichfied with prem inn and other modern so called buildings now wrecking burntwood .as long as they have thate useless hovel the garrick theater to give money ro burntwood just gets more houses nothing else

  4. With several housing developments in the last 10 years, it is a massive understatement, to say no more houses are needed. This area, so close, to what is a not fit for purpose central area of the town, needs to be developed into services for the hugely expanded local population. It is very simple a town with not far under 50,000 people should have more services than it has, end of.

  5. This is good news. That site has been empty and derelict for years now. I will be pleased to see housing built here. It’s a brown field site next to an existing housing estate so makes a lot of sense. In terms of a ‘new town centre’ – this was always just poppycock. Why not renovate and redevelop the existing area of retail at Sankeys Corner?

  6. Totally agree. Burntwood has desperately needed infrastructure for 15 years plus and that was before all the new houses. When Safeway was built (now Morrison’s) we were promised that that land would be developed into retail and leisure facilities. Needless to say they never had the intention of doing that but kept dangling the carrot in the people of Burntwoods faces. The schools in the area are full to capacity and they wanna add to that! Where do they propose they send the influx of children to school. Affordable housing should have been the main focus of the new housing developments over the last few years but no they neglected that.

  7. Please, please NO MORE HOUSES. Burntwood is desperate for shops, entertainment and restaurants. So many houses have been built over the last 5 years. Please give those of us in the area somewhere to go and shop or have more restaurants, takeaways, entertainment etc. We were promised more shops so please don’t go back on your word. Think about the current residents.

  8. Please don’t build any more houses until you have considered the state of the school, which are all full. Doctors which are over subscribed and in need of parking spaces and some need to updated for wheelchair access to consultant rooms. Also the shopping around Chasetown and Burntwood is not suitable for the growing population. Lets see the shopping centre updated before we have more homes.

  9. Build more houses in lichfield they benefit more from the council tax taken from outer areas, let’s build something useful that the community can benefit from.

  10. Good shopping area is required in Burntwood. You can’t buy a pair of socks or pants in the town you have to travel out to Lichfield and pay parking for the pleasure,

  11. We were promised a cinema, bowling centre, shops, restaurants on that land.
    Lichfield and Cannock blocked this time and again so Burntwood residents have to use their facilities.
    We need our own facilities here in Burntwood before any more houses are built.
    The local councillors all know this!!
    And do nothing.

  12. Burntwood High Density Housing…. Massive influx of people ..yet at this present time Schools Full, GP,s Patient List Full, NO Hospital… Nearest A&E 15 mile way. NO Police Station NO Police…Road infrastructure a total joke, more potholes than new houses! NO “Town Centre “ NO shops. A total social disaster …. yeh let’s build more Houses.. PS if they all go to Lichfield to Shop NO Parking…

  13. Simon must not have heard of the internet. It’s so big these days it even sells pants and socks and you can have them delivered straight to your door. Saving you the need to pay £1 for parking.

  14. Let’s go back to the original plan of cinema/bowling alley and some descent dinning places other than curry or burgers, that John Prescott put a stop to. No Housing

  15. I personally feel there is enough house building in Burntwood at present, all the homes close to Morrison’s, not to mention the old D H Haden site along with the disused land on the old social services site which they want to build houses on. We have two supermarkets which were currently overcrowded prior to this building. Our schools, doctors surgery’s cannot cope with this on growing influx of people. McDonald’s, which was a good idea for job opportunity is now a cause for concern regarding the island layout which sees people queuing for McDonald’s and not letting people out of Morrison’s. Also the sheer ignorance of drivers at that island is an accident waiting to happen. We need more leisure and retail at burntwood, not another takeaway or hair salon as we have enough. The traffic in Burntwood has also reached its capacity with driving no longer being a pleasure, and can someone fix the pot holes on the Morrison’s island. Council tax gone up this year??? And for what!!! An over populated community with no school places, no doctors places, no dentist places, no food in the supermarkets and nothing to do. Look after the residents who’ve stood by you councillors over ex amount of years.

  16. The pot holes by the MacDonald’s / Morrison’s island is on private land owned by someone who probably doesn’t even live in this country, the country council doesn’t fill hols in private land, it’s a disgrace

  17. More houses what a good idea if it is low cost for our children it has been 12 long months of not visiting shops and buying online which has changed the way most people buy etc we do not need more shops we need to sort out the shopping areas that we already have and put some money into those areas before building cinemas and restaurants which would raise the question where will you be parking to use these facilities?

  18. The thing to do is, as Councillor Norman suggests – “If residents want to stop this then supporting the Neighbourhood Plan in the referendum being held on 6th May is vital, as planning permission has to take note of the Neighbourhood Plan.”…put that date in your diary!

  19. Listen to the local people telling what we want and need , and it’s not houses , the schools will struggle , the doctors cant fit us in as it is , We need clothes shops and shoe shops for our kids and us this would help reduce the amount of traffic because we have to travel to buy these things !!!! .

  20. We do not have the infrastructure to support more housing. We were promised recreational facilities years ago. Build something that the local community can share and enjoy. Retail requirements are essential for the local area. We need more facilities not housing.

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