A road safety campaign is aiming to keep bikers safe across Staffordshire.

The annual Ride it Right campaign is being co-ordinated by the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership.

A ‘Think Bike’ sign

The yellow signs are displayed on roads to help remind both bikers and motorists to be aware of each other.

James Bailey, from Staffordshire County Council, said:

“Around this time of year, with the better weather, we usually see an increase in the number of bikers on the roads, so now is a good time to remind them of the importance of safe riding.

“But as well as targeting bikers, we’re also asking drivers to do their bit too, by being more aware of bikers and doing what they can to keep all road users safe.

“Bikers only represent around 1% of all traffic on our roads but they make up 28% of those killed or seriously injured and that’s why we run campaigns like this.”

James Bailey, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. I just don’t get this yellow sign thing.

    How about signs stating something like: ‘If you ride your motorbike at crazy speeds, expect to get killed or seriously injured’.

    Most motorbike accidents are attributable to bikers riding their machines at excess speeds.

  2. Andrew Carmicheal, that’s a pretty narrow minded view you have there. Tarring everyone with the same brush much?
    I bet more accidents are caused by dopey car drivers not paying attention!
    Have some respect!!

  3. A good start towards keeping bikers ( and cyclists) safe would be to fill in the lethal pot holes so prevalent on Staffordshire’s roads.

  4. Quite right Jay, with the attitude of people like Andrew Carmicheal, it will take more than yellow signs to keep motorcyclists safe. I would say that most accidents are caused by drivers not looking properly, talking or texting on their mobiles, fiddling with the stereo or sat nav etc, or just demonstrating the general deterioration in driving standards.

  5. I agree with Andrew Carmicheal, riding 100mph in a 40mph is just asking to be an organ donor. I rarely ever see a motorcyclist doing the speed limit. They’re either overtaking at speed on all types of roads or a couple of meters from your rear bumper. I live near the Rugeley power station and for the 7 years I’ve lived here, every single night for several hours you hear bike groups racing. It’s a 50mph road, but considering I can hear them accelerating non stop, hitting 15k rev limiters, I would hazard a guess they’re doing 130mph easily. The reason why they have so many accidents is because you look left, you look right to pull out a junction, then because they’re doing twice or three times the limit, in that split second of pulling out they’re riding over your bonnet.

  6. Bikers would be so much easier to spot if they went a bit slower!

    And hula hula, why do they ride such noisy machines!? It really is about time that the Vehicle Standards Agency gave out tickets in respect of such noise polluting vehicles.

  7. A problem with motor bikes is speed. You sit at a junction,look right nothing there pull ou and a loon driving incredibly fast is on you

  8. Sound advice Mr Wright. I was told long ago that I should treat everyone else on the roads as an idiot; many of them will be (mind you, someone else told me that I might be someone else’s idiot). I have long thought that the focus should be on improving the standard of driving, rather than putting more and more safety features into cars to protect people against their own incompetence. And whatever happened to the move to make cars more pedestrian friendly in cases of collision?

  9. Why bother with yellow bike signs, there are too many signs, paint the speed limit on the road….and everyone should be driving to the conditions of the road, mirror, signal, manoeuvre.
    Repair the ‘craters’ you can’t call them pot holes they are so long and deep. I notice that a long one has been repaired on A51 just up from dual carriageway near Longdon Green turn, but the two deep ones closeby remain. The state of our roads is deplorable. How many bikers, cyclists and drivers are injured because of the bad state of the roads, not to mention the damage caused.

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