The junction of Clay Pit Lane and The Fosseway. Picture: Google Streetview

Work will soon begin to create a new traffic island for a housing development in Lichfield.

Built on Claypit Lane, it is expected to take 19 weeks and will also include the realignment of Fosseway Lane and the creation of a new shared footpath and cycleway from the A461 Falkland Road into the new Deanslade Farm development.

Claypit Lane and Fosseway Lane will be closed for the duration of the works with temporary traffic lights also being installed on the A461.

Staffordshire County Council’s assistant director James Bailey said:

“This is quite a lengthy scheme which will provide access to the new housing development and is developer-funded.

“A signed diversion will be in place throughout the works period as we will unfortunately need to close Claypit Lane and Fosseway Lane for the duration of the scheme.

“We’d like to apologise in advance for any disruption.” 

James Bailey, Staffordshire County Council

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  1. Are they going to provide the bridge over the route of the Lichfield & Hatherton canal when they build this traffic island?

  2. April fool day, and a other joke that is slowly ruining our greenbelt around what used to be lovely Lichfield !
    Yes I’m I life long resident !

  3. Seeing the proposals for this island at Claypitt and Fossway Lanes. I hope provision has been made for the Lichfield Canal to continue its route, either a Bridge or a Tunnel. Thus surley has to bectaken into account.

  4. Can we have a properly constructed road with a smooth asphalt covering that won’t disintegrate in a couple of years?

  5. Oh goody! More islands, more loss of greenbelt, more roadworks, more land being concreted, more loss of wildlife! Lichfield is slowly but surely being destroyed bit by bit by the morons running Staffs County Council/ Lichfield District Council.

  6. Why not. They have already ruined fradley. Countryside is now a concrete jungle of pop up houses.

  7. What happened to all the trees on the sides of the north bound A38 slip road in streethay? The trees blocked out the never ending flow of traffic that seems to be used more like a motorway rather than an A road! The trees also blocked out a lot of the sound aswell from the constant traffic, now its noisier than ever! Does anyone know if the trees are to be replaced by new trees or fencing?

  8. My daughter suggested that perhaps the councillors should try playing Sim City, which might teach them how to go about town planning. Worth a shot, they clearly haven’t a clue, and allow developers a free hand. Lichfield is rapidly becoming one big building site, which will eventually result in a big urban sprawl, once more and more estates have been built and HS2 has wiped out what countryside remained. A lane popular with walkers and cyclists will be lost for months, and goodness knows what state it will be left in. This is progress?

  9. In all probability the new estate will use Claypit Lane as a bypass of Wall Island. Shenstone will see a large rise in traffic for commuters joining the Birmingham / Sutton road (A5127) after passing through the village. It seems everyone will be drawn into this web of madness.

  10. I can also see Fosseway being used as a rat run to the Walsall road, so people will no longer be safe walking, jogging and cycling along it.

  11. The developers would have had to build a canal bridge and it was on the original plans BUT LDC missed it on the final plan and it was passed minus the bridge. LDC were sorry for their error

  12. Council and government don’t seem to care if it’s green belt or not. All it means to them is build build build. As for listed things or us they don’t care either now days. We have a family home in lichfield town centre and we have to sell it because of inheritance tax. It breaks our heart as it’s been in the family for years. There’nothing we can do and I know it will be developed and never look the same again. Even though it’s on a council protected listed list. I just hope they don’t ruin it as it could be lost for ever like the other properties in Sandford Street Lichfield. I can remember still remember what Sandford Street and Queen Street looked like over 57 years as a child the lost buildings families no longer there. So you can’t recognize it now. My father died nearly 5 years ago at the age of 96 years old and his father then his mother owned it then dad and now it’s been left to us three girl. I know I got off what was being said about but it means so much to us.

  13. We have the same problem here in Tamworth Amington Sheepcote lane is also being used as a Rat Run of Speeding Traffic since new housing developments surrounded us .

  14. If you want to make road islands, come to Lichfield.If you want to build hundreds of houses in great estates ,come to Lichfield. if you want to view wanton destruction of good, beautiful green belt, nature laid waste, habitat destroyed, come to Lichfield. There soon won’t be anything else left to see!!!!.

  15. Our family have lived in Lichfield for generation’s and now I don’t even reconise it.

    Does this mean I now have to add another half an hour to my journey to even get out of my City.
    All that Farms, greenfield’s surrounding our Hisoric City have nearly all disappeared our very sad.

    But who cares the Developers are making money!

  16. I would add do people realise a new slip road off the A51 into the city again taking away land trees from the festival gardens ,why no problems and the traffic then has the premier hotel island .no one seems to realise this is next ,you have only til 6th April to share your views ,a disgrace to spoil yet more of our city

  17. Yet more madness from LDC.
    I have never come across a more incompetent council! We should be prioritising cycle routes, walkways, greenbelt and local services, not letting developers cash in on massive executive homes that no one can afford locally. What about the affordable homes and social housing?! Come on LDC, get a grip!

  18. Appalled at the idea a new slip road into the city taking gardens at festival gardens from the A51,why?traffic will then only have to wait at the next premier inn island,wicked to loose more trees and greenery,you only have till 6th April to sign petition

  19. I live close to Lichfield and use Claypit Lane to cycle in to the centre. I make an effort to use my bike to reduce carbon emissions when I can. This morning though I was forced to use Birmingham Road to get to Lichfield which is a very busy road as they have closed Claypit Lane with no pedestrian or bike access. Already I’m disgusted that they are building such a huge development on green belt but now they are forcing pedestrians and cyclists to use a rather dangerous diversion to head into Lichfield. Why are paying council tax for all these dreadful decisions to be made?

  20. NC you can always use Wall Lane and Walsall Rd to get to town or walk and use the field paths. There is also a footpath on Birmingham rd especially for walkers

  21. I agree with NC comment about the frustrations and danger to cyclists unable to use Claypit Lane for the duration. Surely safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists could be managed through the works, as with HS2 operations elsewhere around Lichfield. Will County Highways be responsible for any resulting consequences?

  22. Margaret Clayton you say it’s noisier than ever. Wait until there’s a train passing by every 20 minutes at 186mph! That’s the reason the trees have been felled; HS2 crosses the A38 slip roads. Prepare for years of building work, noise, dust and disruption.

  23. We can all voice our objections, but when are we ever listened to by SC/LDC. Our beautiful City of Lichfield is very quickly now being eroded away by swathes of large conurbations of intensive Housing ,new Roads, traffic Islands. The city Centre is dying and unrecognisable created again by Poor or non decisions..Green areas are fast diminishing. Shame on all those who make these decisions.

  24. Why does everyone hate development we need the work and the houses and the income it brings stop moaning get on with life welcome expansion

  25. It would seem that many towns and cities are afflicted with same problem. The Town Crier countrywide competition was won by a contribution lamenting the massive housing estates appearing in their areas. It is government orientated. Local tax grants removed as a stealth move to higher rates. Our Conservative councils are totally complicit in this.
    Our indignation on these sites are ignored by those in power. Our comments are short lived and soon eclipsed by other issues. The council know this and deaf out our concerns. We may be letting off steam but, sadly, it soon disappears into nothing.

  26. Streethay escapey ………….We moan because we see the decimation of green areas. Green spaces have become pocket sized. Densely located characterless houses being built that look like dolls houses. Massive increase in Road Traffic without a decent infrastructure to maintain it. ….GP,s full, schools full, no hospital, The list is endless. Lichfield will join up with Tamworth and Burntwood and just be one huge conurbation…

  27. How many people will be voting at the next election 50percent people need to put up or shut up planning needs to be sorted

  28. Most if not all of the moaners live in developments built on green belt. It is not in my back yard or I have a house built on a field but you can’t

  29. mike you are spot on how many true residents moan live and let live Lichfield still a great place to live be happy help each other

  30. Stay where you are, do your home up, add the extension, develop the loft. Leave the Green Belt field to grow crops for the local market. Don’t ship your ‘fresh’ veg from Africa or South America . The World’s Merchant Navy is the biggest contributer of Green House Gasses! We caught a glimpse of the scale of shipping when the Suez canal was blocked just last month.

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