Police say they will enforce the rule of six in Staffordshire across the Easter weekend.

Although the Government has relaxed the stay at home rule, people can still only meet outdoors as either two households or six people.

Superintendent Tom Chisholm, head of neighbourhood policing at Staffordshire Police, said checks will be carried out to ensure the new rules are being adhered to.

“There will be a continued police presence this weekend as people look to gather outdoors with friends and family in a group of up to six people. 

“Officers will maintain their engage, explain and encourage approach but will not hesitate to carry out enforcement action if there is an obvious breaking of the rules.  

“I would like to thank the people of Staffordshire for doing all they can to stick to the latest guidelines and wish everyone a happy and peaceful Easter.”

Supt Tom Chisholm, Staffordshire Police

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  1. They did nothing about the huge groups in Beacon Park this week during the warm weather. A lot easier to hassle a few small groups of 7 or 8 in the cold though isn’t it.

  2. I doubt it. A neighbour once waited two days for the local bobbies to respond to a break in. You could have a full on all night garden party in Lichfield and you’ll get away with it.

  3. Agree with all the comments. All talk. No commitment. The 3 i’s,
    Invisible, Ineffective, Incompetent.

  4. Just who is this Tommy trying to kid?

    We know that Staffordshire Police don’t have the resources to enforce anything … oh except hate crime legislation.

  5. From these comments it sounds like Staffordshire covidiot policing is about as effective as north Warwickshire policing

  6. What’s the jab for then. It was supposed to be our freedom. Most older and vulnerable have received it by now. People are lonely

  7. Yeah. No police presence in Shortbutts Park over past 12 months. Plenty of football matches and gatherings of different families. Soft options beware Indeed.

  8. It is entirely apposite for Lichfield Live to feature just the side of a police car in any ‘police’ item.

    It is all most of us in Lichfield ever see of this ‘service’.

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