People in Lichfield are being urged to make their feelings known on plans to use part of an open space in the city as part of a new road junction plan.

The junction at the A51 and The Friary. Picture: Google Streetview

Staffordshire County Council is hoping to use the Lichfield City Council land at Festival Gardens to create a filter lane between the A51 and The Friary at the Bowling Green island.

But a petition against the proposals has gathered more than 3,000 signatures.

In a joint statement, Kathy Coe MBE and Ann Hughes – who will contest Lichfield seats at the Staffordshire County Council election next month – said they could see “little benefit” in allowing the public open space to be lost.

“Lichfield is known for its historic buildings and picturesque green open spaces and they are part of what makes the city such a wonderful place. 

“The Festival Gardena are one such space, just as you reach the city centre. 

“Staffordshire County Council’s request to Lichfield City Council to obtain and remove a piece of land in order to put a new filter lane from the A51 into the city centre should be reconsidered. 

“This is an area which rarely has more than slight delays even at peak times. 

“We can see little benefit which would be gained from the proposal and it would cause a period of disruption, just as COVID restrictions are beginning to lift, while also losing part of a green space which is a fundamental part of the beauty and interest of Lichfield.”

Kathy Coe MBE and Ann Hughes

A consultation over the proposed disposal of the land closes at 9am tomorrow (6th April).

“The plans which are proposed will require the removal of several mature trees and shrubs, affecting wildlife and the environment. 

“The gardens are part of the open spaces around Lichfield and despite pledges to maintain them this proposal would see more land concreted over.  

“Add your name to the petition if you would like to stop this change – it may be that you have children who benefit from this area, or you recognise it as a place where people exercise or are able to meet up with family and friends as restrictions lift.  

“If you share our concerns about these plans then express your concerns.”

Kathy Coe MBE and Ann Hughes

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  1. I think they should not spoil such a lovely area we are losing too much of Lichfield as it is such a shame

  2. It should be left alone,let the residents choose,we have never been stuck in traffic down there,in my opinion we do not need another road.

  3. We are going to have no green areas soon, every thing is going to be houses and roads to support the houses.
    In the 5 years we have been living in lichfield it has changed massively and isn’t the city we moved into.
    One of the appeals of lichfield was all the parks and green areas. One of the other appeals were it wasn’t to busy but with all the new houses that has also changed.
    We need to stop building houses and the need to change the roads and destroy what makes lichfield a beautiful place to live and visit won’t disappear

  4. Why bother with another lane, when they could just let the other traffic use the city lane, like it use to be, no problems then

  5. Lichfield urgently needs to start building new schools. The new housing estates are marketed as family homes.

    All of the children will need a school.

    I struggle to think of any sensible location in Lichfield, that would sensibly be able to accommodate a school.

  6. What a complete waste of time and money.
    Staffordshire Highways should with there road contractor Amey etc. be repairing our current road infrastructure
    The road surfaces in parts of Lichfield, Burntwood, surrounding towns and villages are an absolute disgrace. Which have been in the same appalling state for years. White repair marker spray doesn’t seem to fix them

  7. I don’t think there is a traffic problem at this roundabout so why do we need a filter lane? The pandemic has shown us how I important green spaces are for our mental health. Much more important than another bit of road! No Thankyou.

  8. Here is a radical idea for LDC – probably too radical though.

    Signing over all parks and green spaces to a charity like Fields in Trust, which then protects it from any development in perpetuity could be the answer for so many councils facing pressure to give up these precious areas. In all honesty I can’t see LDC agreeing something like this while it remains a Tory stronghold.

  9. Leave the green areas in Lichfield alone. We need them to support our mental health and for the wildlife to live in. We do not need a filter lane here. We definitely do not need any more houses. What we need is existing roads repaired and new secondary schools built.

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