An election hopeful says Burntwood should not play second fiddle to Lichfield when decisions are being made by councillors.

Paul Taylor has been confirmed as a Lib Dem candidate for the Lichfield District Council by-election in the Summerfield and All Saints ward.

He had previously been confirmed as a candidate for the Burntwood South seat at the Staffordshire County Council elections.

Mr Taylor – who will also contest the Burntwood South seat at the Staffordshire County Council elections – said he had decided to stand in the by-election in a bid to see the town given a greater voice.

Paul Taylor

“Burntwood is such a fantastic town, often underrepresented at the district council level due to Conservative councillors being forced to follow the edicts of the controlling group.

“I want to bring a new option, a councillor that would not be tied to the politics of the Conservative leadership or the Labour opposition.

“The Conservative-led district council has too often taken on Lichfield-centric projects to the detriment of Burntwood.

“As the group of Lib Dem councillors on Lichfield City Council have shown, Burntwood needs more councillors that can hold the leading party to account.

“Lichfield District Council is where important decisions like planning permissions and long-term plans are made – it’s where decisions on bin collections, support for local businesses and funding for local events occur.

“These need to be made by someone who can put Burntwood above the politics.”

Paul Taylor

Cllr Paul McDermott, Lib Dem group leader on Lichfield City Council, said Mr Taylor was a strong candidate.

“The local party has long recognised that we needed to provide strong representation for Burntwood and we’re happy to have been able to welcome Paul as our candidate in the Summerfield and All Saints ward.

“Paul has demonstrated his enthusiasm and understanding of Burntwood’s needs and politics, building a reputation amongst existing councillors and residents.

“I have no hesitation recommending that he’d make an excellent councillor on their behalf.”

Cllr Paul McDermott, Lichfield City Council

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