An election hopeful says he is standing to “look out for the Joe Bloggs’ of Lichfield”.

John Madden has confirmed he will contest the Stowe by-election at Lichfield City Council as well as the Lichfield City North seat at Staffordshire County Council.

John Madden

The independent candidate has previously stood in a general election in the Lichfield constituency.

Mr Madden said he hoped he would “get more votes” this time around after picking up 1% of the vote in December 2019.

“I have entered my papers to run and I will be look out for the Joe Bloggs’ of Lichfield who want something done about pot holes, rubbish bins and housing.”

John Madden

He added that he wanted to be a “strong voice” on issues that matter to local residents.

“I will stand up for the need for a Covid business recovery plan for Lichfield and rebuild a fair local economy.

“I hope to strongly voice the need for an end to transport inequalities and support safer communities.”

John Madden

10 replies on “Independent candidate wants to “look out for the Joe Bloggs’ of Lichfield””

  1. He’s ‘Ravin Manifesto’ is going to bring in a new tax on cream cakes, suggest that the number of hanging baskets at the front of your house is capped at 12, have different bands for any street names with the letter ‘Q’ in it, suggest chips are one of your five a day and suggest that the Market Square should have a big communal hot tub on it!

    He’s Joe Cuckoo!!!!

    I thought Joe Bloggs had moved to Sutton Coldfield?

  2. I will exercise my Democratic Vote by leaving my Polling Card exactly where it is… why do these people creep out of the woodwork then crawl back again and do absolutely nothing. ..?

  3. Answer not to be locked out of democracy !!!!!!
    Democrat polotics and diologe
    I have a saw to get out of the wood work dont waste your vote politely

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