The leader of Burntwood Town Council says she has “disappointment and disbelief” after plans emerged to build homes on land earmarked for a new town centre.

A consultation document has shown plans for 87 new housing association properties on the plot off Milestone Way, known as the ‘blue hoardings’ site.

Cllr Sue Woodward said the proposals flew in the face of long term plans for the undeveloped area to be transformed for a mixed use development featuring retail, leisure and residential.

“There has been a longstanding and cross-party consensus that a town of the size of Burntwood needs a town centre for its economic and civic regeneration.

“Both Lichfield District Council’s Local Plan and the draft Burntwood Neighbourhood Plan, which finally comes to referendum on 6th May, clearly show this.

“It is just incredible and intolerable that Bromford along with the landowners, London & Cambridge Properties, have gone to public consultation about this without any discussion with the town council or, indeed, many district councillors.

“I certainly hope that the residents of Burntwood will give the Neighbourhood Plan referendum a huge thumbs-up to enable us to fight for the type of development the town needs.”

Cllr Sue Woodward, Burntwood Town Council

Cllr Woodward many councillors had been kept in the dark over the plans to bring the site forward for housing alone.

“I have been in touch with the leader and deputy leader of the district council and they tell me that they were also unaware of these proposals.

“It seems that yet another important planning proposal was left in a drawer somewhere at the district council.

“We should by now have learnt the lessons of the 1960s and 1970s building boom that services and infrastructure need to be in place when major housing development happens.

“It didn’t happen then and must not happen now.”

Cllr Sue Woodward, Burntwood Town Council

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  1. Councillors kept in the dark regarding plans for housing development? Now doesn’t that sound familiar!

  2. Give over. How on earth was that ever a suitable site for a new ‘town centre’. The priority should be making sure the owners of the existing buildings at Sankeys Corner are keeping their property suitable and maintained. If not the the council should look to force the issue with compulsory purchase to ensure regeneration of this area. It’s been an absolute eye sore and shambles for decades. Just ignoring this and building a new centre is poppycock. All Councillor Woodward ever does is criticise and block. We need innovation and common sense. We need proper opposition to challenge those in positions of authority. Sadly skill and intelligence is lacking on both sides of the local political dynasties. It’s not good enough.

  3. “Cllr Woodward (said)many councillors had been kept in the dark over the plans to bring the site forward for housing alone.”
    Interesting that this involves Bromford Homes given the case involving the green spaces at Netherstowe and Leyfields in Lichfield.

  4. This sounds like yet another behind-closed-doors, strange shake of the hand type of agreement.
    How can the town council and the leader of the district council know nothing of this proposal and have the land earmarked for a completely different type of proposal?
    Who is making these decisions without any reference to the elected members? Or is it a very small number of elected members who are aware but remain silent?
    Once or twice might seem very unfortunate, but this is becoming a pattern of behaviour that needs to be properly challenged.
    Far from moaning, it sounds like the leader of the town council is bang on.
    The answer is to stop voting for those who clearly know more than they let on and probably take part in these shadowy agreements.

  5. “I have been in touch with the leader and deputy leader of the district council and they tell me that they were also unaware of these proposals.”

    This is very worrying. Let me guess. It was an agreement made without approval. The relevant individual has now moved on.

  6. I have seen the Bromford leaflet. It says on that leaflet that they have not submitted a planning permission request to the Lichfield Council, so this is not a done deal. So why is Cllr Sue Woodward making out like it is? Ah! Local Elections are coming up.

  7. What’s the point in building retail shops on there when they will just remain empty ,look at sorting Sankeys out , empty shops , and a pub that’s been empty for at least 15 years, develope the pub to an old type retail indoor market like what was at the old supermarket opposite it , we don’t need MORE vacant shops.

  8. Won’t be long before the Bromford signs go up on the blue fence site, LDC will rubber stamp the plans and Bob’s your uncle
    Going to Ladbrokes to put a few ££ on it

  9. I would love to know where they think all these new families are going to shop, go to the doctors, and children to school. We’ve already had a big housing development built opposite ffs.
    We need more of an infrastructure first… I.e doctors, schools, and shop. Food and retail as Lichfield shops all seem to be closing and Cannock isn’t much better.

  10. This is certainly not a “done deal”. It goes against both the District Council’s Local Plan and the Town Council’s draft Neighbourhood Plan which earmark this site for retail, leisure and employment opportunities alongside some residential use – not a housing estate with a fast-food outlet bunged at the side. No planning application in yet (I didn’t say there was) but Planning Committees’ hands will be strengthened by voting “Yes” for the Neighbourhood Plan in the referendum in Burntwood on 6 May.

    As for the MustBeElectionTime comment, if this anonymous person knew anything about Burntwood, he/she would now that I constantly work to improve our town and definitely not just at ….er….ElectionTime.

  11. The last thing Chasetown/Burntwood needs is housing, I moved here over 40 years ago, you could get a appointment the same day and a routine check up with the dentist within a week, by the the time I get a doctors appointment, I’ve forgot what I wanted one for in the first place, that’s if the receptionist hasn’t diagnosed me already.

  12. Constantly working to improve Burntwood…..hats off to you Sue – you’ve certainly put years of graft and dedication into your local area. We do appreciate it….but we need to see tangible results. Why hadn’t anyone ever done anything about the empty pub building, the decrepit precinct and awful doctor surgery at Sankeys? Why not sort those out before building a new torn centre? What about improving chasetown high street?

  13. The Heart of Burntwood “Town” stopped beating years ago when the indoor market closed. The whole area at Sankeys Corner is a total disgrace. It should be flattened and maybe a green space created. Use the Blue Fence area for the purpose proposed and promised for years. We have a massive increase in population because of intense housing, but no infrastructure. NO Hospital, Schools full to capacity, GP,s struggling to cope. More potholes than new houses, unfinished road services. All these problems created by the faceless ones who make decisions on our behalf. We do speak out but we are never listened too. My polling card will remain sat where it is . What is the point of electing when not listened to.

  14. So much for the cinema, bowling alley and shopping centre the site was originally designated for….

    But yeah throw up MORE housing. So we have even more cars on the broken roads, even less GP appointments, less places for children at schools.

    Honestly stuff these developers.
    I hope to god they find the rest of the un exploded mortars littered all over the site now so it cannot be used.

    Oh and they won’t be good homes either…. Talk to anyone that lives on the Burntwood manor site. Shoddy workmanship, corners cut left right and centre. Certainly not worth the 300k asking price.

    It’s funny how easy it was to compulsory purchase greenbelt for development of hs2…. But local infrastructure…. Nahhh …. You don’t need that…. Public services don’t like the pockets of the investors..

    It’s all about them.

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