An election hopeful says an online survey will help him best represent local residents.

Christopher Wilkinson will stand as an independent representative in the Staffordshire County Council vote in May, as well as a by-election for a seat on Lichfield City Council.

He said he was keen to fully understand the views of residents.

Christopher Wilkinson

“In this election, I’m placing a high priority on improving the accessibility and engagement local residents have with their political representatives, as well as ensuring everyone has the opportunity to have their voice heard when it comes to important local issues.

“I’m issuing these surveys to everyone in the area I seek to serve as I aim be a trusted representative for all residents regardless of how they vote.

“Political events over the past five years have generally been polarising.

“The main advantage of this people-orientated approach to local government is that I’m able through the survey responses I collect to find common ground between people who would otherwise consider themselves political opponents.

“The responses generated by the surveys will be used to create a manifesto for both the city and county council that will put local people’s interests first.”

Christopher Wilkinson

Mr Wilkinson said he believes politicians needed to better understand the changes brought about by the coronavirus crisis.

“We’ve got to meet new challenges posed by remote working, education beyond the classroom and healthcare in the community.

“Above all, we need to get businesses going again. We need to support organisations to move their products and services online as consumers switch from the physical to the digital economy.

“We’ve got to adapt quickly to the new needs of the economy by operating with flexibility and providing tools and support to reduce barriers to progress as companies grow their way out of recession.

“My survey questions assess public attitudes towards a number of key local issues ranging from measures to assist Lichfield’s economy, the effects of Covid-19 policies on our mental and physical health, how we can better protect our local environment and how we can improve our transport systems.”

Christopher Wilkinson

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  1. I do hope Mr Wilkinson is sincere in his pledge and would commit to representing the views of all potential constituents, and not just those who confirm his strongly held libertarian beliefs against social distancing, mask wearing and covid vaccination.

  2. This candidate’s views are a disgrace to those who have suffered from covid or have known someone who’s died or got long covid from this awful virus.

    Mr Wilkinson your comments on your website show you have absolutely no clue about biology and yet you’ve made a conscious decision to jeopardise other’s health by your irresponsible and naive libertarianist views.

    Tin foil hat klaxon, there, that’s all you need to know about my views, Mr Wilkinson.

  3. Yes Scribbler, his statements are disgusting and an insult to all the people who have died or been made very ill by this ‘relatively harmless virus’. We can well do without his ‘libertarian’ views in any position of influence. He seems to represent the selfish and irresponsible stance that is all too common these days.

  4. Mr Wilkinson has an absolute right to his views, and whilst I personally don’t agree with them, I respect and support his right to stand for those views in these elections, and for people to vote for him if they choose to do so.

    Having said that, it’s perhaps worth noting that in this (and previous) promotional release(s), Mr Wilkinson promotes his independence from other political parties to give the impression that he is a neutral ‘man-of-the-people’, interested in finding common, and common sense solutions. I very much admired that position the last time he stood for election, but having since taken a look at his website it is apparent that actually he is not at all politically neutral, but in fact has a very polarised Libertarian political perspective. Politics is not just about Party affiliation, and it’s very cynical to pretend otherwise.

    Now to be fair, he doesn’t hide his views on his website, and I hope he won’t on his manifesto, but if he’s not prepared to be honest and transparent about his political agenda in his press releases, then he’s going to have to rely on the rest of us to do it for him.

  5. If you want someone with a level of critical thinking that makes them anti-vaccine, anti-mask, and believe the most recent US presidential election was affected by fraud, vote for Christopher Wilkinson.
    I wonder if he knows the people putting up the anti-mask stickers around Lichfield.

  6. Good luck to any independent.

    Far too many voters simply vote along party lines, blindly going for the red or the blue or the whatever candidate.

    Politics should be more about imagination and vision, these being things that are more likely to be found amongst independent’s than old-gang politicians.

  7. I would be the first person to advocate independent candidates, as this country has been subject to the stranglehold of a two party system for far too long. Who knows, they might actually represent their electorate instead of their party. But, Mr Wilkinson is not a suitable person to represent anyone in a socially responsible manner if his printed views are to be believed. Independents are not automatically good, and Mr Madden is not helping his case to support him.

  8. No thanks. Anyone who describes Covid as a “relatively harmless virus” doesn’t deserve my vote or anyone else’s. This is an insult to all those who have died and the poor families left behind.

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