A model train found by experts in Lichfield is on track to fetch around £30,000 at auction.

The apple green live steam locomotive will be sold by Hansons Auctioneers on 22nd April.

David Wilson-Turner with the model loco. Picture: Mark Laban/Hansons

Completed in September 2020, the Gemsbok London North Eastern Railway Company 7 ¼ gauge B1 live steam loco 4-6-0, engine number 1020, has been built by two Midlands-based engineers.

David Wilson-Turner, head of the toy and railwayana department at Hansons, said:

“The attention to detail and quality of engineering is extraordinary.

“For example, the boiler has been professionally made and silver soldered in copper by Kingswood Copper Boilers of Reading.

“The original engine was built in 1947 at the London North East Company in Darlington.

“We have guided the engine at £24,000 with the hope of it making above £30,000.

“In my experience of working at Hansons, I have not seen a better example in this size – it is spectacular.”

David Wilson-Turner

Auctioneer Charles Hansons said:

“This train is an extraordinary example of quality workmanship and a feast for the eyes for any rail enthusiast.

“We discovered it at a home on the outskirts of Lichfield. It’s currently taking pride of place in our saleroom.”

Charles Hanson

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  1. It isn’t a train , it’s an engine or locomotive. You are supposed to be professional journalists.

  2. Hi John, thanks for the comment. We are actually all volunteers working for a not for profit, community interest company. Until the day we can afford to pay ourselves anything at all, then we are not, technically, a professional publisher. We try to uphold a high level of production values but sometimes things like offending a locomotive by calling it a train will slip through, especially when we work full time jobs and have children at home while writing the articles, running the site and – ironically – approving the comments section you have used. However, if you’d like to donate in order to help us pay for more of our time to improve our knowledge of locomotives for any future articles, you’ll find the information across our site on how to do that.

  3. I don’t know what all the fuss is about.

    Its not like it is an antique train or anything. It was made last year!

  4. @ John conning (sic)
    This is a high quality comments section. Please be more professional with your use of capital letters and inappropriate spaces before commas.

  5. According to the 1950s railways rulebook this can be classed as a train, which is defined as either- 1. A light locomotive 2. A locomotive and Wagons. 3. A locomotive and carriages. 4. A locomotive and a mix of wagons and carriages. 5. A set of carriages awaiting an engine.
    Therefore it can be claimed to be a train under part 1. Keep up the good work guys and keep bringing us interesting articles like this.

  6. It isn’t a model either, it is a miniature locomotive capable of haulage of passengers a model isn’t.

  7. how can it be found, was it lost, completed in 2020 did the builders suddenly forget where they put it.

  8. Scott… I know engineers who make these engines. Every piece is hand made. Thousands of man hours go into them and they have to be professionally tested for boiler safety. Although it was completed in 2020 it has probably been in the making for many years.
    Not for everybody I know, but they have reached six figures when sold. The level of expertise has to be admired. It is really museum standard.

  9. Lost.??
    More than likely the engineers, builders, just want the best price they can get….a quick sale in a very gloomy future and a good return on their labour and materials, some motorcycle manufactures do this too…

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