The number of committees at Lichfield District Council could be cut if plans are approved.

Lichfield District Council House

The local authority’s cabinet is due to meet next week to discuss the proposals.

Among the recommendations are that four overview and scrutiny committee meetings are amalgamated into a single committee.

A report by Cllr Angela Lax, cabinet member for regulatory, housing and health, said:

“The proposed overview and scrutiny committee will consider items earlier in the decision making process to aid policy development and review whether stated outcomes from decisions, strategies and policies have been achieved via effective use of member task groups.

“Mandatory training will be developed for all the scrutiny committee members and additional mandatory training for chair, vice chair and task group chair roles.

“Gender neutral terms will be used for all committees from this point.”

Cllr Angela Lax, Lichfield District Council

The report said a task group examining the issue had felt there would be more benefit to a reduced structure.

Angela Lax

“It was discussed that task groups could be used to achieve this goal with invites extended to interested and suitably trained members – even if not committee members – with the aim of it being a more effective platform for collaboration.

“It was felt that this more informal setting would help get more involvement from a wider range of members with different skills and not just those confident in the formal committee setting.

“It was also agreed that invites to relevant external bodies should be utilised more as the views given by these groups are often invaluable in understanding issues and potential solutions.”

Cllr Angela Lax, Lichfield District Council

The recommendations would also see the removal of the parish forum and the district board as constituted committees.

The cabinet will discuss the proposals on 13th April.

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  1. Yet another instance of trying to control the freedom of elected councillors by so called training them to sit on committees.

  2. Oh! Why is it I don’t feel reassured by these proposals? Notwithstanding the “Gender neural ” importance being given which I personally feel is nonsense. It seeks to limit (except by invitation) views and opinions from a broader representation. Perhaps a reporter from Lichfield Live should have a permanent seat allocated to ensure transparency.
    This move seems to seek not more efficiency but less accountability.
    Angela Lax would do well to present a document explaining the functions they perform (that needs training for) so that the electorate can evaluate the impact it has been having on the shambles that is Lichfield District Council.

  3. Strange, aren’t we still waiting for the report on the investigation of two plots of land being sold for housing without the knowledge of the cabinet or head of the council? Seems a funny time to be reducing the oversight committees.

  4. Thank goodness we have Lichfield Live.

    Consistently the best and only oversight of council activities for the last few years, especially those issues LDC would rather remain buried.

    Yet another example of the Conservatives’ new era of openness and engagement.

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