Three men have been banned from the road after being found guilty of driving dangerously in Burntwood.

Michael Williams, 27, of Holt Crescent, Cannock, 25-year-old Daniel Lester of Cannock Road, Cannock, and 28-year-old Jay Beddow of East Butts Road, Rugeley, were all handed community orders, disqualified from driving for 12 months and asked to pay court costs.

It comes after an incident on 21st March when they were spotted travelling at speed along Miners Way and Milestone Way.

They were travelling at 100mph in a 50mph zone before being stopped by police.

PC Craig Beardsley said:

“The three men in question here were driving dangerously through a residential area.

“This type of driving is unacceptable and causes a real danger to other road users.

“Thankfully we were able to get these drivers stopped very quickly, reducing the risk of serious injury.  

“Burntwood has suffered with incidents like these for quite some time and we, alongside local partners, continue to do all we can to prevent people from car cruising, driving dangerously or committing anti-social behaviour on our roads.

“We know there is great concern within the local community around such incidents and we ask them to continue supporting us in ensuring we take these dangerous motorists off our roads.”

PC Craig Beardsley, Staffordshire Police

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  1. Disqualified from driving for 12 months!! These three have shown they are a complete menace behind the wheel, so just ban them for life. Why are we so soft on the worst drivers?

  2. @Claire: rehabilitation. You have to give people a chance to learn from the mistakes of their youth. Oh… *checks again* they’re adults? Ignore me, just lock them up, they’re clearly brainless morons.

  3. Quite right Clare. Community orders and a twelve month ban? What a joke. The criminal justice system in this country needs a major overhaul to make the sentences match the crimes, and bring it in line with other forms of reckless behaviour, not to mention murder with a motor vehicle.

  4. 12 months!!!!!! Far too soft. Should be 12 years. Or preferably a life ban. The roads are busy enough without allowing absolute idiots with zero respect for other peoples safety to be allowed to use them. They were travelling at 100mph in a built up area for no other reason than for a bit of fun. Disgusting. The policeman says Burntwood has suffered with these types of crimes for years but then it will continue to do so without proper deterrent. Will it take a few innocent pedestrians/ kids to killed first? Absolutely disgusting. I’m appalled by that sentence.

  5. Who wouldn’t want to get out of burntwood that fast?
    Perhaps the only kfc nearby in Tamworth was about to shut?

  6. I don’t know too many residential areas that have a 50 mph. designation. But clearly justice has to be done, as many above have stated, so perhaps if you were travelling at twice the legal speed in any given area then you should be banned for life? What about those who drive conspicuously slowly or lane hoggers? Very dangerous. We will soon have the roads safe for cyclists.

  7. I’v been reporting this to the police for a while, for the noise at night, I feel for the families who live in New house’s opposite the steam railway station. Saturday hospital road cars in middle of the day 50 to 60 mph anyone pulling out of the Ridgeway take their lives in their hands

  8. The three lowlife vermin should have a retrial paid for by the original judge who then gets sacked for handing out such a pathetic sentence. Proper justice can then be dished out and they all get long prison sentences and a huge driving ban on their release. Before being sent down they should be forced to watch their cars being crushed into a cube as a final bit of punishment and to act as a deterrent to any other brain-dead bonehead drivers out there. If only…..

  9. Young men in souped-up vehicles that have been deliberately modified to produce high levels of noise … speeding around residential streets … performing dangerous manoeuvres … have been creating danger and nuisance on our streets for years now without attracting much interest from the police.

  10. Cars have been speeding down Norton Lane for years. It’s a nice straight road so drivers like to race down it particularly at weekends. I have a letter dated in 1993 from the police saying that something was going to be done to stop this . We are still waiting.

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