Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull

Tickets have gone on sale for a concert by Jethro Tull in Lichfield.

The group will perform at Lichfield Cathedral on 2nd December.

A spokesperson said:

“All the funds raised will go towards the preservation of Lichfield Cathedral.

“Based on a Christmas-themed concert, the concert features the work of Jethro Tull as written and recorded by Ian Anderson since 1968.

“Added to this are several pieces of re-worked classical repertoire and Lichfield Cathedral’s very own choristers will also be performing at the concert.”

Lichfield Cathedral spokesperson

Tickets are available to book online.

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  1. Hmmm… on the Jethro Tull/Ian Anderson website ( this is being advertised as one of two ‘Ian Anderson Christmas Shows’ at Midlands cathedrals (the other one is in Coventry), not a Jethro Tull concert.

    On the Lichfield Cathedral website ( this is being advertised as a Jethro Tull concert, but the quote from the organiser states “I’m really pleased that we are able to sponsor this event which I’m sure will prove just as popular as Ian Anderson’s previous Christmas performances”; no mention of the band from the organiser/sponsor.

    Some clarity, please? An Ian Anderson solo Christmas show isn’t quite the same thing as a Jethro Tull concert.

  2. Groups have always carried on even when key members have left/died eg. Alex Harvey, Genesis, the Who, Stones, Doors etc.

  3. I thought Jethro Tull and Ian Anderson were the same person.
    Their music certainly sounds the same.
    So if you are a fan of both, then whoever plays the cathedral it will be the same person and its a win-win for you.
    Just to clarify, I’m not a fan of either of them or both of them or the music they both play.

  4. Pedantic Comments?

    Are they the support act?

    I think I saw them play the Green Man Festival a few years back. Used to be known as Squirrel Friends until the lead singer and msjn songwriter left.

    But I might be mistaken.

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