A Lichfield election hopeful says schools across Staffordshire are being short-changed by the Government.

Labour candidate Kathy Coe MBE, who will contest the Lichfield City North seat at Staffordshire County Council, said administrative changes meant more than £1.7million of support will no longer be available.

Pupil premium funding is allocated to support children on free school meals and eligibility has previously been assessed in January.

But Labour say the move to use data from October will mean the funding is not available for thousands of children who have seen their family circumstances change as the impact of the coronavirus crisis is felt.

Kathy Coe MBE

“The Conservatives can afford a 40% pay-rise for Dominic Cummings and £2billion in contracts for their mates, but when it comes to support for disadvantaged children in Staffordshire, they are cutting every corner they can find.

“That’s £1,764,983 our children are missing out on while this country throws billions after billions at a test and trace system that hasn’t worked, and means missing out on the laptops, lessons and support they need to catch-up after a truly terrible year.

“They have the wrong priorities and they are making the wrong decisions – time for another u-turn, now.”   

Kathy Coe MBE

The Department for Education told the BBC that the changes would give more certainty to schools.

“Using the October census for pupil premium allocation means schools will know their budget earlier in the year, helping them to plan ahead and we expect pupil premium funding to increase to more than £2.5bn in 2021-22.”

Department for Education spokesperson

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  1. Kathy is right. Many people will have lost their jobs or been on short hours with the last two lockdowns.

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