Lichfield’s official ale tasters have been raising a glass following the reopening of the city’s pubs.

Nick Sedgwick and Colin Ablitt visiting the Duke of York pub

Colin Ablitt and Nick Sedgwick headed for the outdoor seating area of the Duke of York to ensure pints were perfect for the return of drinkers following the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Mr Sedgwick, who has held the post for 34 years, said:

“We have to do what has to be done – it is a tough job, but we have missed it.”

Nick Sedgwick, Lichfield Aletaster

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  1. How do you get this job, never seen it advertised, as a lifelong CAMARA member and serial liver abuser I am exceptionally well qualified to hold the position, more cronyism and old boys network at play I suspect, will just have to be a Councillor instead !

  2. What makes them official. Have they any real idea of what is good?
    I suppose they will be telling us Pedigree is marvellous.
    There are many micro and small independent brewers producing for the market now, delivering far better quality and flavour than the big nationals. I hope these guys are aware of this.

  3. They have completed a lot of research into the subject so feel they know a lot. Someone has to do the role.

  4. It is a tradition going back many many years, they used to taste the ale to make sure it had not been poisoned

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