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Plans have been unveiled for a new 120-space lorry park in Fradley.

The proposals for the 1.7 hectare plot of land north east of Wood End Lane have been put forward by Legal and General UK Property Fund to support the Palletways distribution centre.

A planning statement said the lorry park would help cut the number of vehicles being forced to wait on roads near the site.

“The proposed lorry park is intended to provide a location for incoming vehicles to be held before they are called to be unloaded or reloaded.

“With Palletways’ site at Fradley forming their national distribution centre, it is critical to their operations to be efficient and avoid unnecessary delay.

“The proposed development will assist in removing the mobile queues from the roads on approach to Palletways’ premises both boosting the efficient of their operations as well as removing the parked vehicles from the existing roads surrounding the site.”

Planning statement

Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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  1. The distribution centre have legitimate reasons for this extra development I am sure. But the impact of ever growing, successful business has a down side, namely it’s rapacious need for ever more infastructure! Our district historically was a place for pilgrims and market gardeners, the relics of which could provide interest for tourists and recreational visitors. Our Councillors think differently, they want to promote our green fields as sites for warehouses, and will expand our roads to accommodate the vast fleets of articulated lorries that are needed to distribute the goods filling up the warehouses.

    I don’t remember being asked by our Council where our community’s future lay, only that they have decided Lichfield should be turned into a ‘Logistics Hub’ , it’s Historic legacy just thrown away and demolished.

  2. More HGVs clogging up our roads in and around Lichfield. This city is finished. The blame lays squarely on Staffs County Council and LDC allowing all this to happen. Elections soon, you have a choice people of Lichfield? Must admit I’ve had enough!!

  3. It doesn’t seem to be very efficient to have 120 lorries parked what happen to just in time could this just be a route to developing the land for other purposes in the future?

  4. The usual response , same as “i have a house so WE don’t need more !” .Everything comes by truck but the nimby view seems to be that they shouldn’t be seen or heard , and God forbid giving truckers any facilities! Get it built , and if you don’t like living nearby …move ! Thousands of jobs in this area need the investment over time , its that simple . Business that doesn’t change dies , its not 1950 anymore.

  5. I don’t think you have that quite right Ada Guntripp. True nothing is set in stone and change is inevitable but most places sell themselves on specific aspects and Lichfield has traditionally been regarded as tourist trade. Such industry that has tried to establish itself here has largely failed.
    The reality is that the government is reducing council grants. To compensate the council are encouraging house building to bring in more council rates. The knock on from this has been discussed many times on this site. The new houses attract people to the area, presumably in assumption that it’s previous reputation will be sustained. If the tourist trade wanes, what will replace it? Is the city destined to become a commuter city and lorry hub for Birmingham ? A NIMBY? Well yes. Don’t destroy a city that has been loved by many generations. Sadly Tamworth is an example of how you can get things seriously wrong.

  6. All those tourists visiting the area …. driving the vehicles built by the involvement of industries that are local to Lichfield , but that’s irrelevant I guess . Keep those nasty lorries and factories away from our little slice of middle England lol .

  7. Sustainable growth should be our objective whilst we try to deal with the climate emergency. More HGV’s on the roads is not sustainable, their numbers need reducing and the fuel that the hauliers need should be green. Lichfield has a unique history that needs to be respected, why not encourage Industry elsewhere in the county where communities need new opportunties to replace older declining heavy industry, where houses are falling into dereliction and districts turning to waste land.

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