Controversial plans to build housing on two plots of public open space in Lichfield have been dropped.

The land at Netherstowe earmarked for housing

Communications from a senior planning officer at Lichfield District Council – seen by Lichfield Live – revealed that the proposals for land at Netherstowe and Leyfields had been withdrawn.

“I can confirm that both applications reference 20/01120/FULM and 20/01121/FULM made by Bromford Housing Group have now been withdrawn.”

Email from a senior planning officer at Lichfield District Council

Both applications no longer appear on the authority’s planning portal, which instead says they are “no longer available for viewing”.

It comes after a petition saw thousands of residents object to the plans put forward by housing association Bromford.

The proposals had sparked controversy after it emerged a deal to sell the land had been agreed without the knowledge of the local authority’s own leader.

But the housing scheme is now off the table after the planning application was withdrawn.

Campaigner Daniel Floyd said:

“I have spent 12 months working on this campaign, I’m happy to have led it and I’m thrilled that we got the result we wanted.

“We have protected our green and open spaces.

“With that being said, I will not stop working for the residents of Lichfield ensuring we continue protecting green and open spaces across the north of Lichfield city, 

Daniel Floyd

The withdrawal of the applications is the latest victory for people power in Lichfield after a proposal to use Festival Gardens for a new road junction was also scrapped after a petition was launched.

11 replies on “Controversial plans for housing on public open spaces in Lichfield are withdrawn”

  1. That is good news, BUT their are still unanswered questions
    We still need to know the results of the enquiry about the sale of the land, so hope LDC do not try to bury it
    also does “Bromford” now own the land, and what will happen to its use if no houses are built

  2. This is another substantial victory for local people standing up for an issue they believe in. Public opinion does still carry weight in sufficient numbers.

    It is also another demonstration of the importance of Lichfield Live. The only news source we have locally not only helps raise awareness of such issues, but also goes about it in a professional way and asks the questions we need asking.

    Another win for people power and another win for Lichfield Live.

    Keep digging those stories up. We need you now more than ever.

  3. Great news. The people sticking it to the Tories once again and coming out on top. Well done to Daniel Floyd for taking on these Conservatives who are arrogantly trying to ruin our wonderful city and who have finally been made to listen to local people. Too often the Conservatives just carry on regardless and ignore public opinion. They are only ever interested in themselves and their close friends. Thanks to Mr Floyd’s efforts the Tories have been given another big black eye. Without his efforts and the campaigning of others we would have just become victims of Tory dodgy dealing yet again. As Mr Floyd has proved, these arrogant and uncaring Tories can be defeated!

  4. I am intrigued. Who now owns this land? Bromford or LDC?

    Is this merely a delay, until after the local elections?

  5. At the next Local elections we need to get rid of all the existing councillors and get som fresh blood in from people with far more integrity than the ones that we currently have.

  6. Great news if you dropped a stamp in Lichfield they will build a house on it. ? enough…we need more doctors surgery’s and schools before were overwhelmed .

  7. Well done Daniel Floyd.
    Well done People of Lichfield.
    Well done Lichfield Live.
    Shame on you LDC for thinking you could ride roughshod over the people.

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