Council chiefs have confirmed two open spaces in Lichfield will remain “for the benefit of the community” after controversial plans for housing were scrapped.

The land off Leyfields earmarked for new housing

Planning applications for sites at Leyfields and Netherstowe were withdrawn yesterday (14th April).

Housing association Bromford had agreed to buy the land, but a petition signed by thousands of residents fought to prevent planning permission being granted by Lichfield District Council.

An investigation is continuing into how the initial deal to sell both plots was agreed without the knowledge of the local authority’s leader.

A spokesperson for Lichfield District Council said:

“We are aware Bromford has withdrawn the planning applications for the proposed development at the Leyfields and Netherstowe sites in Lichfield.

“While the formal investigation into the matter has yet to be completed and reported to Audit and Member Standards, we can only confirm that neither the council or Bromford intend to pursue development of the sites and they will remain as open spaces for the benefit of the local community.”

Lichfield District Council spokesperson

2 replies on “Council says land will remain “for the benefit of the community” after housing plans are scrapped”

  1. I’ve made a freedom of information request to ascertain who it was that signed the document of sale to Bromford.

    What do you think my chances are of getting a concise reply??

  2. Well done you. Please feed back here if you get clarity although, I wouldn’t hold your breath with the current council. As we have seen with recent events in Whitehall, CONservatism is alive and well.

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