A Burntwood councillor says he “wouldn’t be surprised” if a proposal for housing on land in the town is withdrawn.

Housing association Bromford is hoping to build on the blue hoardings site on Milestone Way.

However, councillors have criticised the proposals, with the land having been earmarked as part of a plan for an improved town centre.

Cllr Wai-Lee Ho, Conservative member for Highfield ward at Lichfield District Council, said he believed a decision by Bromford not to proceed with housing on two plots of land in Lichfield may see the Burntwood proposals taken off the table as well.

Cllr Wai-Lee Ho

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Bromford withdrew their intentions to build on the site in Burntwood that’s designated for non-residential development.

“They have some colossal obstacles to get over, and perhaps they will decide it would be a waste of their resources to pursue it.”

Cllr Wai-Lee Ho, Lichfield District Council

The proposals for land at Leyfields and Netherstowe in Lichfield were pulled after thousands of residents signed a petition objecting to the scheme.

Cllr Sue Woodward, Labour leader of Burntwood Town Council, said she too hoped the blue hoardings site proposals would be given a rethink.

“We just need Bromford to withdraw their plans for a housing estate on land designated for our mixed use town centre.

“The clue is in the term ‘mixed use’.”

Cllr Sue Woodward, Burntwood Town Council

3 replies on “Councillor “wouldn’t be surprised” if plan for housing on Burntwood blue hoardings site is axed”

  1. You should get that Tory campaigner who defeated the Conservatives and Bromford in Lichfield on the case. He’ll have it dropped in no time at all!

    Can we get him involved in other campaigns against Conservative policies too?!? He’s destroying their plans from within!

  2. That land is for Shops, not more housing.
    Its about time someone got thier act together and got the shops built. Why should Burntwood folk have to travel to other areas to buy goods.

  3. No more housing . Shops and infrastructure please . We have enough housing. Bromford ca not control the residents they have now let alone more .

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