A dog owner in Burntwood has thanked council staff for making sure people can clean up after their pooches.

Walkers on the Hunslet Estate said a previous dog poo bin located near Rugeley Road had disappeared.

But Lichfield District Council’s parks and open spaces team has now installed a replacement.

Woody the dog at the new poo bin

Julia Aldritt, who walks her dog Woody in the area, said the number of people walking their pets in the area had increased during the pandemic.

“Our open spaces have been and still are some of the most safe and inviting walks in the area, so much so that many people regularly walk their dogs in the area.

“We contacted the council to highlight that the dog waste bin had been removed, but that there was still a need to have one placed back at that spot to avoid littering the walkway with bags of dog waste that people sadly discard instead of carrying their own dog waste to the next available bin.

“Thank you to the council officer for taking swift action to help us keep our area clean.”

Julia Aldritt

Julia said she hoped dog walkers using the area would now make sure they clean up after their animals.

“I hope whoever it is that litters our walkways with dog waste bags makes the effort to use the dog bin that has now been installed.”

Julia Aldritt

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  1. all well and good unfortunately a small minority of owners will just ignore the rules. There are plenty of bins in the area where I exercise my dog but dog excrement is still visible . Tackle one these people results in abuse to one’s self, wardens with the power to issue on the spot fines should be emploeyed.

  2. Didn’t we used to have dog wardens? Do we still have them? I remember trying to contact them years ago to report an out of control dog, but there was no way of contacting them.

  3. The problem of dog mess has been around for years and dog owners have always had the same excuse, it’s the irresponsible owners. Well they’ve had their chance and surely the time has come to ban dogs from public parks, playing fields etc.

  4. Well Johnneo, it is the irresponsible dog owners who don’t pick up after their dogs, and there aren’t nearly as many of them as there used to be. I know many of them and they all clear up after their dogs. In terms of behaviour, why not ban children and youths from parks? There seems to be far more irresponsible parents.

  5. John, well said. Let’s continue with these lockdown rules, it’s been really peaceful these past few months, no screaming kids or wandering gangs hanging around, no drunks shouting or fighting. Bliss!

  6. Personally, I welcome seeing children and young people back out and about, enjoying our parks and green spaces. They’ve had to make sacrifices during lockdown too, and, just like the rest of us, they deserve to be able to now go out and enjoy some freedom again. After all, their lives were put on hold largely in order to protect those a lot older than they are. They deserve the same respect from the rest of our community that we would show to any other age group.

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