An election hopeful says she will use “every means available” to restrict heavy goods vehicles using a key route in and out of Lichfield.

Janet Eagland

Janet Eagland is the Conservative representative for the Lichfield Rural North division in the Staffordshire County Council elections on 6th May.

She said the issue of the impact of HGVs on local communities was high on the agenda should she win the vote.

“I have a reputation for listening to what the residents want for their communities – once an issue has been raised with me, I make every effort to get a successful result.

“In the past years I have secured a weight and speed restriction across the division.

“HGVs trundling along the A5127, Birmingham Road, Church Street and Trent Valley Road has been a noise, health and safety hazard for many years – alternative routes are available to avoid the residential areas of Lichfield.

“It is my commitment to use every means available to have a vehicle weight restriction put in place for the A5127.”

Janet Eagland

The Conservative hopeful also said she intended to tackle the problem of lorries parking up on roads around Fradley.

“Overnight parking of HGVs on Halifax Avenue causes highway safety issues – and the refuse left behind by drivers is unacceptable.

“I pledge that jointly with Fradley Parish Council and local businesses that we will fund double yellow lines for the length of Halifax Avenue.”

Janet Eagland

A full list of candidates standing in the local elections across Lichfield and Burntwood is available here.

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  1. HGVs and other vehicles a pain on Eastern Avenue too. Speed restrictions regularly not adhered to in fact it’s often like a racing track

  2. Sounds like she’s just the sort of person to replace the current lot and finally get things done in Lichfield. What’s that? She’s already sitting on every council going you say?

    Honestly, the brass ball bearings of this one. She’s been a councillor since the dawn of time so it might be worth her explaining why she hasn’t done any of this with “any means possible” already?

  3. I was present in the visitors gallery at the LDC planning meeting that approved the ‘Southern Bypass’. This councillor was instrumental in getting it passed. In the meeting another Councillor had the temerity to pose an objection to the ‘Southern Bypass’ on the grounds of increased congestion, to which she roundly responded with ‘Congestion, we all have to live with congestion, we’ve been planning this for years, it should be passed’ These events speak for themselves.

  4. Just a thought, as a huge transport hub has been created at Fradley where else does the councillor expect the lorries to park?

  5. Don’t forget Walsall Road and St. John street.
    As for the hgv’s on eastern avenue that’s where they should be as it’s the original bypass!

  6. Alistair… I have written much about the madness of this decision. I have even had salient points edited out when pointing out the duplicity of our councillors and back room officers. It is a total waste of time and effort. In years to come they will be asking why did we let it happen? The reality is that, except for elections, the citizens can be ignored. The record of the whole administration over more than a decade is disgraceful. It is a seemingly impossible cartel that many hate but vote for anyway.

  7. Soon be complaining if no goods on supermarket do they get there?.o that would be on lorries!!if it wasnt for the lorry drivers the country would come to a halt including those of us.working nights when her and other do gooders and jobsworths will be tucked up in bed.!!

  8. Where do you expect them to park you stupid woman? Not one truck park in Lichfield or Rugeley. Who do you think worked all though this virus getting your food and NHS masks etc. The truck driver is treated like a bit of S—-

  9. I am a hgv driver of 35 years and I live in rugeley . People are very quick to label all lorry drivers as bad eggs there’s no excuse for leaving litter behind and the culprits should be prosecuted . But as far as putting yellow lines in place when you do this make sure you tell the lorry driver where he can park and not just where he can’t . Parking up at night is getting harder and harder and very unsafe . there are very little fersilities for us and lay-bys are noisy and unsafe . Think about building a lorry park nearby . People need to remember with out us there’s no Amazon parcels or eBay or Royal Mail .

  10. I think Janet should also make a pledge about the recycling centre, which I know many residents have raised with her yet she has not gone on record to make any commitment about relocation even though fully aware of this issue. We had an article on here the other day about Kathy Coe, Labour, running in another division, raising a petition, this at least shows some awareness of issues and it’s not even in her division, well done Kathy for showing a wider awareness of things, just wish she was running for Lichfield Rural North!

  11. Translated: I’ve been elected in this role for years but done very little of note. But don’t let that sway you, I’m still a Conservative* after all.

    (*in which case you can have several more years of just being a bum on a seat as long as you can keep wearing that blue party rosette)

  12. This problem has been going on for years and has always been ignored. Why now?
    Wish I could believe her but I don’t.

  13. When are the people of Lichfield and district going to stop voting for these idiots? Wake up and smell the coffee, folks.

  14. I live next to Eastern Avenue and can speak from experience the Lorries not only drive up it in Daylight, they are also going up and down at night the house shakes very often from the weight of some of them.

  15. As s long suffering resident of Cricket Lane, I know all about traffic constantly defying the rules and signs for our road. Huge ,heavy lorries thunder down our 7.5. Weight limit trying to avoid the temporary lights at the London Rd- Tamworth Rd. Junction, and I could count on one hand the number of cars who respect the 40 mph speed sign. Indeed, there is a nucleus of” haven’t got a moment to live” drivers who attain 70 or 80 mph by the time they have reached half way down the lane. God help any child or animal that might get in their way- no chance. Who needs Brands hatch or Silverstone!!!

  16. Before placing yet more parking restrictions for HGV drivers take a moment to consider this , where will they park at night to get some well deserved rest ? People are always quick to complain about HGVs but they don’t realise without these your shop shelves would be empty , your online purchases wouldn’t be delivered and medical supplies wouldn’t be delivered to hospitals , the list is endless to what these carry and the drivers work really hard with long hours , most stay away from their families all week living in a tin box to deliver , so before you start complaining please take a moment and consider these drivers , don’t they deserve somewhere to park , rest , eat and sleep !!

  17. Let’s not stray from the point that this current councillor is trying to justify her re-election. It seems that she has done nothing since being elected and so needs to generate some interest in her campaign. Let her tell us about what she has achieved for her constituents since becoming a councillor….I doubt there is little to say. Empty vessels etc.
    Not sure I will vote for her.

  18. Jacqueline Gillingham…. We are all aware of the road transport system as it’s insidious consequences are inescapable. It has evolved from the demise of the rail transport system which formally handled the bulk of the work.
    While moterways and the like enables quick truck transport, nearly all towns and cities are ill equipped to cope with the narrow roads, low bridges, massive diesel pollution and congestion. We have many massive warehouses in the area all serving much of Britain. Lichfield is in fact becoming a lorry hub because of its geographical position. Not uncommonly the infrastructure has not matched the ballooning demand. We are all suffering… Not just the drivers.

  19. Why do you only come out at election time. We want a ction on road safety all over Lichfield inc Walsall Rd. But why do HGVs still use St Johns St as a thru Rd. Get it sorted

  20. I’ve had the unfortunate moments in which I have met Janet Eagland, and even seen her in some council meetings. One word sums her up perfectly. Dreadful. She’s already a county councillor and has very little to show for it, and in the one meeting at Lichfield, she was pretty clueless. It’s time for Janet to go

  21. Shame on you Janet! All means possible? What have you been doing as our elected member for the last 30 years ?

    Janet England is a district councillor, parish councillor and county councillor – come on Lichfield, vote her out !!

  22. A professional councillor then? Surely the worst sort. They just become part of the furniture, toe the party line and keep their heads down. Then, when it comes around to election time, they try and convince us that they have actually been doing something.

  23. Please can we have speed bumps in Giffords Croft
    It’s a rat run only 2 car width and we get HGVs from delivery at Swallow Croft shops and speeding vehicles all day long from Dimbles and from supermarket shopping.

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