The Green Party say voters in Lichfield can help shape a “new normal” in the local elections next month.

People will go to the polls to elect new members of Staffordshire County Council on 6th May.

Green Party candidates Paul Ecclestone-Brown, Simon Partridge and Stephen Sanders
Green Party candidates Paul Ecclestone-Brown, Simon Partridge and Stephen Sanders

The Green Party has confirmed it will field three candidates in the vote:

  • Paul Ecclestone-Brown – Lichfield City South
  • Stephen Sanders – Lichfield City North
  • Simon Partridge – Lichfield Rural North

Mr Partridge said recent events nationally and locally had shown the need to put the environment at the centre of the decision-making process.

“If the pandemic has reminded us of one thing it is the importance of nature in our daily lives.

“The recent Tory u-turn over Festival Gardens has highlighted the huge gulf between what people want from our public green spaces and how the current crop of elected politicians deal with them.

“As normality begins to return with the lifting of Covid restrictions we’re urging voters to help shape a new normal for Staffordshire, one that puts the environment at the centre of political decision-making.

“Staffordshire County Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration is just a bunch of empty words unless urgent, meaningful action is taken.

“On May 6th May voters have the chance to elect councillors from a party that has always put nature and the environment at the heart of everything – The Green Party.”

Simon Partridge

A full list of candidates standing in the local elections across Lichfield and Burntwood is available here.

8 replies on “Green Party says Lichfield voters can help shape a “new normal””

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  1. That would be the ‘Tory U-turn’ that resulted from a Tory controlled parish council who own the land in question expressing considerable concern as to the County Council proposal but, not seeking to make an arbitrary decision to refuse there and then, decided to ask the public for their views. The Tory controlled County Council considered the weight of public opinion and the proposal was withdrawn by a Tory County Councillor. Now you seem to criticise the U-turn which was made after considering the views of the public, and I assume, the apparent reluctance of the Tory controlled parish council to agree to the proposal. Surely by making the U-turn it demonstrates the exact opposite of what is claimed in the second paragraph of the quote in the article. The alternative to the u-turn would have been to proceed with the proposal, that would have been worthy of much criticism and local outcry. You have chosen a bad example to illustrate your point here, I am sure you could do better.

  2. Times demand real politicians
    With a moral compass set to humanity to all living things. Not the caberét we’re being sold.

  3. Great to see the Green Party offering voters a real alternative in local politics. Green policies would be a breath of fresh air for Lichfield – quite literally!

  4. What with the debacle of Friarsgate, Friary Leisure Centre and Festival Gardens not to mention the continued encroachment onto our green spaces, its time to follow a different narrative. At local and national level the Greens have some truly radical policies that need to employed.

  5. As one of the editors of the local Green Party Facebook page, I am convinced by the youthful membership and the policies of the Green Party, that this the Party FOR the Future.
    The old established Parties have become corrupt and backward looking in their behaviour, therefore causing a lot of environmental problems & inequality in our beautiful green and pleasant land.
    So please give the Green party a chance to influence the local debate by voting for our candidates in May.

  6. It really is time that we had a different agenda before we destroy this planet, and the two main parties have shown themselves consistently incapable of such an agenda. So I applaud the greens for thinking differently. They will have a struggle on their hands to overcome the stranglehold that the two main parties have on British politics, but I wish them well.

  7. Well isn’t the choice of candidates wonderful? You can vote for the Conservatives and get even more of the rubbish we have had to put up with. Labour as a party seem to have lost their way, and are not sure who or what they are representing. The Liberal Democrats seem to be a home for disillusioned Conservatives, or those who wanted to stay in the EU. The more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that the Green Party is the only sensible choice.

  8. Alan, can’t you see the problem? “Tory controlled parish council”, “Tory controlled county council”
    Tory controlled district council, Tory controlled city council with a Tory Member of Parliament.
    No new alternative thinking, the “same old same old” stagnation.
    Own it, it’s a Tory U turn.

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