A new season of concerts has been unveiled as Lichfield Arts prepares to host shows once more as coronavirus restrictions ease.

Fred Zeppelin

The likes of Fred Zeppelin, The Sleaze Brothers, Kiki Dee, King Pleasure and the Biscuit Boys and Roxy Magic will take to the stage over the coming months.

The season will also feature the return of Fuse and the Lichfield Blues and Jazz Festival.

A spokesperson said:

“Lichfield Arts has been going for nearly five decades, building from humble beginnings, but we still take a pride in putting on concerts for the people of Staffordshire.

“Although 2020 had its challenges for every organisation, we are looking forward to the many exciting events we have got planned for the remainder of this year.

“It is a great season, with plenty on offer, and our team of hard-working, talented volunteers look forward to seeing everyone at our events.”

Lichfield Arts spokesperson

For details on upcoming shows and to book tickets visit the Lichfield Arts website.

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  1. I don’t mean to rubbish the efforts of those
    Involved in this but, could we not have a little more imagination shown in the acts chosen? Fred Zeppelin? How many times have they played in Lich? Kiki Dee?? I know it’s not Glastonbury but, everytime I see the line ups for this, my heart sinks. It could be a great line up of diverse and exciting acts but instead, the same acts are trotted out year on year. It’s turned into a yawn fest.

  2. What about having Syd Millward and the Nitwits, Chicory Tip, Picketywitch, Middle of the Road etc, guaranteed room fillers!

  3. I understand it has been hard for everyone during a pandemic to organise things but there are thousands of artists out there that we could draw to our beautiful city…. not just tribute bands…go out there and get them. We’ve had some amazing talent before. Come on festival team. Diversify.

  4. What a bore fest. Fred Zeppelin? C’mon! If I want to see tribute acts, I can do so any Sat night in my local boozer!!!

    Disappointing lack of imagination.

  5. Lichfield Arts, which is a mainly volunteer run charity that receives no regular funding from national or local government and has lost money during Covid, relies on good income from our concerts to do all the other things we do in the community including the free Fuse Festival, supporting local musical and arts activities and much more. The concert season does have new acts in it but the tribute acts acts we book bring in good audiences and quite often sell out. We would welcome any suggestions (via social media, email or a phone call) for bands we could book.

  6. I appreciate that there is a need to fill seats etc. but, rebooking the same acts year on year detracts from the offering – for me at least. I’ll hazard a guess and predict that Fred Zeppelin are playing again, either in 2022 or 2023. Just a hunch.

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