The leader of Lichfield District Council says he is pleased a plan to build on open spaces has been ditched.

Doug Pullen

The comments come after a controversial proposal for housing on land at Netherstowe and Leyfields was withdrawn last week following a petition signed by thousands of residents objecting to the plans.

Cllr Doug Pullen, leader of Lichfield District Council, had previously said councillors had been left in an “impossible position” when it emerged that a deal to sell the land had been approved without the cabinet’s knowledge.

An investigation is continuing into how the sale was agreed under such circumstances.

But the Conservative leader said he was pleased the threat of the land being used for housing had been taken off the table.

“I am personally delighted that this application has been withdrawn.

“This has been a complex issue to unpick – starting several months before the petition appeared – which now continues with an external investigation.

“Building on our open spaces isn’t okay.”

Cllr Doug Pullen, Lichfield District Council

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  1. It’s not okay to build on open spaces…unless you it’s a leisure centre you’re putting on them!!!

  2. Do the same in Burntwood no houses on the blue hoarding site. This site is earmarked for town centre and for leisure facilities. Burntwood is totally lacking in facilities. When the new Leisure Centre was built Burntwood was promised a replacement for the Brendewood Suite we are still waiting Lichfield, how many years ago was that!

  3. “Building on our open spaces isn’t OK”

    Perhaps the leader of the council should be saying that on repeat to his own deputy Cllr Ian Eadie? He seems to the driving force behind all these plans to get our green spaces built on. The “developer’s friend” is the Cabinet member responsible for allowing all these delekopments to go ahead. So a good starting point for Cllr Pullen would be to reign his deputy in a bit more, wouldn’t it?

    If the Tory activist who led the community campaign against this scheme is calling for Cllr Eadie to step down, then there surely has to be enough support within the local Conservative party for the leader to safeguard our green spaces more effectively and avoid this type of farce?

  4. Very good, but can Cllr Pullen assure us that a second sale and fresh planning application will not be forthcoming once the dust has settled?

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