A Burntwood secondary school says it intends to continue running a foodbank to support the local community.

Items waiting to be distributed from the foodbank at Chase Terrace Academy

Chase Terrace Academy has operated the facility in recent months, delivering emergency parcels and operating drop-in sessions for families in need.

An appeal in the run-up to Easter also saw more than 200 chocolate eggs donated to be distributed to residents.

A school spokesperson said that while some elements of the initiative would cease, the intention was to continue operating the foodbank sessions.

“We will no longer be delivering parcels as we accelerate with the teaching and learning responsibilities of our children – however, we have made the decision to keep the foodbank running.

“We are presently rich in stock and have donations to continue to support this enterprise.

“We also realise, some of our families still require this support and safety net to remain afloat in the current climate.

“With this in mind families must not struggle and can still receive a parcel.”

Chase Terrace Academy spokesperson

The school has received £1,300 from local organisations and individuals to allow them to supplement donated items with other stock.

“Thanks so much to these kind benefactors.

“We continue to be grateful to our Chase Terrace families for taking time out of their days to drop donations in or phoning us to ask how they can help out.

“Every little thing that they do has allowed the foodbank to function smoothly and provide assistance to those who are in need.”

Chase Terrace Academy spokesperson

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