The doors on Lichfield’s Debenhams store will shut for good by the middle of May, it has been confirmed.

The brand was bought by Boohoo for £55million in a deal which will see all of the company’s physical retail stores shut.

Debenhams in Lichfield. Picture: Google Streetview

The new owners have now confirmed that the site in the Three Spires Shopping Centre will close for good by 15th May.

Debenhams stores across the country will be shutting from 2nd May, with a second wave expected to close two days later.

No final date has been given for the Lichfield outlet, but Debenhams has confirmed all physical retail outlets will be shut for good from 15th May.

At the time of the buyout in January, administrators FRP Advisory said the deal would allow the brand to live on despite its disappearance from the UK high street.

“This transaction will allow a new Debenhams-branded business to emerge under strong new ownership, including an online operation and the opportunity to secure an international franchise network that will operate under licence using the Debenhams name.”

FRP Advisory

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  1. I popped in there on Sunday because I wanted to get a jumper. It was full of angry looking people grabbing items off the rails and walking round with armfuls of clothes.

  2. Really sad to see Debenhams going. It was a lovely store and I will miss it.
    I feel sad for the staff who have lost their jobs too.

  3. I went in with my family and we couldn’t get around due to oldies dithering about the jumper section.

  4. Think it’s fair to say the Pandemic sped up the inevitable. Old fashioned shop with poor choice and a poor website. If you don’t evolve you die. Debenhams were left behind years ago. I hope LDC show some imagination to encourage the future use of this space. In my opinion I’d like to see it demolished and the area repurposed for independent pop up trades.

  5. Not surprised at closure. Debenhams never progressed from the 80,s.. overpriced and overated outdated merchandise. Just like the other stores that have departed the High Street stuck in a time warp. Dorothy Perkins and Bonmarche etc….

  6. Why do people think LDC can just demolish part of the shopping centre? As far as I know they don’t own it and what sort of disruption would it cause for the other shops and businesses in the vicinity. The building is an integral part of the shopping centre. The building will need to be repurposed as unlikely to get another tenant like Debenhams but demolition or turning it into the new sports centre is not a viable plan. Let’s have some sensible suggestions which are achievable.

  7. So sad – lovely store and the staff are second to none. We gave much closer Debenham’s stores to where we live, but we’ve always travelled to the Lichfield one.

  8. Its really sad that shop like this shutting…I always shop for kids clothing from there. We loved Ted Baker department. My son is 8, all his winter coats were from there from 12 to 18 months. Always loved the home stuff. Very sad…also for the staff. Good luck to all

  9. How about reaching out to Next. They would serve the whole of Lichfield from baby to elderly and also have a great online presence to order and collect other brands.

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