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A Lichfield retailer has confirmed a free delivery scheme will continue until the end of the year.

Central England Co-op launched the service in September in a bid to support customers through the coronavirus pandemic.

But the company says it will extend the scheme for members until the end of 2021.

Paul Dennis, chief retail officer at Central England Co-op, said:

“We expect that members in our community will still feel nervous beyond June when the restrictions are expected to be lifted and as such the delivery service will continue to be a necessity.

“In addition, the expected wind up of the furlough scheme in September which will likely leave families facing financial challenges.

“With these factors in mind, the continuation of free delivery for members was an obvious choice.”

Paul Dennis

The service is available to members and new customers who use the promo code FIRST1FREE.

Richard Hinsley, who works at the Boley Park store in Lichfield, said:

“This is another great extension of that way of thinking and how we are always trying to come up with more ways to improve the shopping experience for our customers and members.”

Richard Hinsley

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