The Debenhams store in Lichfield
The Debenhams store in Lichfield

The doors will close at Lichfield’s Debenhams store for the final time on 12th May.

The company had said all shops across the country would shut by 15th May, but a final date has now been confirmed.

Debenhams was bought by Boohoo earlier this year in a deal which saw the brand sold but not the physical stores.

A spokesperson said:

“Over the next 10 days, Debenhams will close its doors on the high street for the final time in its 242-year history.

“Our sincere thanks go out to all of our colleagues and customers who have joined us on this journey.

“We hope to see you all one last time in stores before we say a final goodbye to the UK high street.”

Debenhams spokesperson

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  1. Oh good Debenhams it’s too Spenser for Lichfield people it should never opened in the first place need more cheaper stores for this town

  2. It’s a shame that another store is going l can remember when you use to be to shops there use to be a walk through when l worked there owned by Standley Furniture both sides good times

  3. I have a dream. That Marks and Spencer will re-think their current location ideas and take over the empty Debenhams site -which would boost the city’s morale and the fortunes of all the remaining stores around.

  4. So, all Lichfield deserves is Primark, MacDonalds and more Poundshops? I for one would like to thank the staff at Debenhams for the service they gave us and hope they do find somewhere suitable for them.

  5. Lichfield is a tourist destination. Yet it is full of cheap shops. We need more quality shops and independent stores. I can only food shop in Lichfield now. I can’t clothes shop or trainer shop. Carnt get stuff for my dogs or home. We need a variety of shops back. Lichfield is currently full of banks. Hairdressers, charity shops and coffee shops. It’s a historical heratige city. Why isn’t it being used to a better advantage for commerce and growth. It’s one of the cleanest town centres I’ve been too . You would of thought that company’s would be fighting for the commercial space that is left empty and abandoned. Is the rental price keeping them away ? Marks still would be in the town if the current owners of the town centre offered them the bigger store marks wanted. It’s cheaper to move stores every 12 months and get a new rental agreement than stay in the same space. Lichfield will eventually become an abandoned town like many other town centres.

  6. For the love of god don’t put in any more cheap naff shops. No Primark, no TK max, no pound land etc. Something decent or knock it down.

  7. Can’t understand the demise of lichfield Centre there is massive new housing development going on all round the city huge possible footfall maybe the council should wake up cut parking charges lower rents /business rates no more charity shops wake to the potential give businesses a chance you have whacked up the residential rates (easy peasy) now wake up to what the city needs encourage business encourage footfall put in same effort and zeal that your army of bloody traffic wardens do.

  8. I am so sorry to see Debenhams go. I want to thank all the lovely friendly staff who have served me in there since the opening of the store in 2011 I think. It was so lovely to see it open, and they gave my son his first job at the weekend while he was in 6th form and Uni. He enjoyed working in the store. I hope you all find jobs.

  9. We desperately need more lovely shops like Debenhams, Marks and Spencer in Lichfield, so sad to see our store closing. Monsoon might work well, Phase 8, TM Lewis, Charles Tyrwhitt, Flannels, Ted Baker, Hobbs, Jigsaw etc ? Just a thought ?

  10. Meanwhile, the Friarsgate Disaster Zone still stands surrounded by hoarding, several years on. Why can’t the area be beautified with grass, flower beds and benches? There is a lack of open space in the City Centre die to the Medieval grid street pattern so that site poses a great opportunity for a little park.

  11. Paul – I’ve been told that as a Fair Trade city, Primark would not be able to trade in Lichfield. If anyone knows better then I’ll stand corrected.

  12. I don’t know the statistics of the “takings” for the Lichfield store but I think they must have been quite high. Debenhams work as a hub for lots of franchisees who pay for space in the department store. There were lots of them, all paying for space and therefore, Debenhams risk must have been small. The point made about all of the building going on around the area is a good one. People want to live here and shop here too.

  13. Lichfield city centre is becoming a sad place to walk around. To Let signs popping up all over. Where will it end? Is it destined to become another centre full of Greggs and charity shops and coffee shops offering up rancid over-priced effluent?

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