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Lichfield’s MP says he will be seeking answers over how long residents will need to “endure sleepless nights” because of HGVs being diverted through local villages.

People living in Yoxall and Kings Bromley have seen traffic diverted off the A38 and on to the A515 to allow roadworks to take place.

One resident said:

“Over the past 12 months Highways England have repeatedly used the A515 as the de facto night time diversion route for what is mainly HGV traffic from the A38 on an almost continuous basis.

“Last week and now this week, there is a night time diversion in place to remove a number of trees from the sides of the A38 which are deemed dangerous.

“While no-one has an issue with this matter being dealt with, it could have been done at any point last year when diversions were in place.

“The frequency of these diversions has now reached a level which is totally unacceptable and it is now causing a lot of anger and sleepless nights with villagers.”

Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant said more needed to be done for those affected by an increase in overnight traffic.

“Frustrated villagers in Yoxall and Kings Bromley are having to endure sleepless nights due to a series of seemingly never-ending diversions off the A38.

“I am contacting Highways England to ask when these diversions will end and if they can do it in a more coordinated way in future.”

Michael Fabricant MP

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  1. HGVs through Kings Bromley and Yoxall are an obsession with the MP who never gets it sorted. How come he’s not asking questions about the £100,000 of Council Taxpayers’ money his Conservative council colleagues are having to pay to Bromford?

    Didn’t he ask the ex Leader of LDC when the MP for Lichfield was spotted (briefly) in Burntwood helping Cllr Mike (sorry Burntwood you can’t have a million quid) Wilcox recently in his bid to represent Burntwood (in addition to Alrewas and Fradley)?

  2. Highways England are shaking in their boots. Bracing themselves for a snotty email from Lichfield’s MP. A man who stops at nothing to get the right result for his constituency. Dear oh dear. Michael does us all a favour….put your denim hot pants on and flag down one of those HGV’s and get yourself a free ride out of Lichfield please.

  3. The British are fixated with diversions. Everywhere you go in this country there are diversions.

    A large part of the problem is the sub-standard manner in which we go about repairing road surfaces. We fill holes rather than use machinery to scrape back and lay new surfaces. It’s a never ending job …

  4. Fabricant is an opportunistic MP that never responds to questions he would go to the opening of an envelope if it got him media time this Fake MP has done nothing and is more famous for his syrup than political achievements

  5. Try Hopwas as well total disregard for the weight limit HGVs from Lichfield Road Industrial Estate and now a massive increase in construction traffic HS2 and new housing plus Hints Quarry
    Nothing can be done say County and Coucilors who are bot getting my vote today!

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