Polls have opened across Lichfield and Burntwood as voters head out to choose new county council representatives.

Stations will be open until 10pm, with residents also choosing a new Staffordshire Commissioner.

The Summerfield and All Saints Lichfield District Council ward is also being contested in a by-election, while Lichfield City Council will have a by-election for the Stowe ward.

Residents in Burntwood will also be taking part in a referendum on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan for the town.

List of candidates

Staffordshire County Council:

Burntwood North

  • Jamie Christie (Liberal Democrats)
  • Thomas Loughbrough Rudd (Conservatives)
  • Sue Woodward (Labour)

Burntwood South

  • Darren Ennis (Labour)
  • John Paul Taylor (Liberal Democrats)
  • Mike Wilcox (Conservatives)

Lichfield City North

  • Kathy Coe MBE (Labour)
  • John Madden (Independent)
  • Stephen Sanders (Green Party)
  • Janice Silvester-Hall (Conservatives)
  • Miles Trent (Liberal Democrats)
  • Christopher Wilkinson (Independent)

Lichfield City South

  • Hugh Ashton (Liberal Democrats)
  • Paul Ecclestone-Brown (Green Party)
  • Colin Greatorex (Conservatives)
  • Ann Hughes (Labour)

Lichfield Rural East

Phillip Bennion (Liberal Democrats)
Lorna McGinty (Labour)
Alan White (Conservatives)

Lichfield Rural North

  • Janet Eagland (Conservatives)
  • Peter Longman (Independent)
  • Paul McDermott (Liberal Democrats)
  • Simon Partridge (Green Party
  • David Whatton (Labour)

Lichfield Rural South

  • David Smith (Conservatives)
  • John Smith (Liberal Democrats)
  • Brad Westwood (Labour)

Lichfield Rural West

  • Richard Cox (Conservatives)
  • Janet Higgins (UKIP)
  • Mark Pritchard (Labour)
  • Fiona Robertson (Liberal Democrats)

Lichfield District Council Summerfield and All Saints by-election:

  • Michael Galvin (Labour)
  • John Paul Taylor (Liberal Democrats)
  • Eileen Heather Tranter (Conservatives)

Lichfield City Council Stowe ward by-election:

  • Lottie Harrington (Labour)
  • Bob Harrison (Conservatives)
  • Richard Henshaw (Liberal Democrats)
  • John Madden (Independent)
  • Stephen Sanders (Green Party)
  • Christopher Wilkinson (Independent)

Staffordshire Commissioner:

  • Ben Adams (Conservatives)
  • Deneice Florence-Jukes (Independent)
  • Tony Kearon (Labour and Co-operative)
  • Michael Riley (Reform UK)
  • Richard Whelan (Liberal Democrats)

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  1. As if Lichfield voters care about closed police stations, horrendous road conditions, underfunded schools, food banks and millions wasted. (Indeed billions wasted by corrupt Tories). Lichfield will stay fairly solid Tory. Just hope Burntwood voters know better.

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