One of the cameras installed in Lichfield city centre
One of the cameras installed in Lichfield city centre

Cameras are being installed in Lichfield city centre as part of a study that could see the area fully pedestrianised.

Lichfield District Council and Staffordshire County Council are installing equipment to monitor vehicles and people movement on city centre streets.

The work is starting on 11th May and is part of the work being carried out with the aim of delivering the Lichfield City Centre Masterplan.

Cameras have been positioned around Tamworth Street, Conduit Street, Market Street, Breadmarket Street and Bore Street.

Cllr Liz Little, cabinet member responsible for economic development, said:

“We believe that city centre pedestrianisation can deliver many benefits, not least of which are decreased traffic and reduced air pollution, which create a safer and more attractive environment for city centre users.

“There is also evidence that pedestrianisation and other public realm improvements can increase footfall in city centres, have a positive impact on retail activity, and raise property values.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

“The feasibility of increased pedestrianisation”

Parking bays coned off on Tamworth Street in Lichfield city centre

Temporary changes to city centre streets have already divided opinion, with some blue badge on street parking bays moved to nearby car parks.

Cllr Little said the study would factor in the way all residents utilise the city.

“When considering any changes to city centre access we are committed to taking into account the differing needs of city centre users, such as blue badge holders, delivery vehicles, city centre residents, cyclists and pedestrians.

“We will also consider the impact the Covid pandemic and temporary changes to the layout of the city centre have had on people’s movements.

“This study is just the start of work we are planning around the feasibility of increased pedestrianisation in Lichfield city centre.

“Based on the findings from this initial study, our intention is to come back later in the year with a range of ideas to discuss with residents, businesses and other city centre users.”

Cllr Liz Little, Lichfield District Council

The masterplan was published last year and outlines plans to develop the city centre in the wake of the failed Friarsgate development.

It proposes the creation of four quarters to give focus to the area:

  • Cathedral Quarter
  • Market Quarter
  • Business and Learning Quarter
  • Southern Gateway Quarter

Consultation has already taken place on car parking options going forward, with more than 1,000 people taking part.

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  1. Would love to see the centre pedestrianised. We live in the centre and we still have no need to drive right through the centre of town. The smell of car fumes in the centre is not nice. Would be nice for the cafes and bars to have more outdoor seating space in Covid too. I do think the disabled should be considered in the process though. Ensure people are aware of where they can park and where the little alleys are to get to the banks and shops easily.

  2. Another waste of time and money because nothing will happen.
    It has been the case for some time that traffic is not supposed to enter the city centre during the day but you wouldn’t think so by the amount of cars, vans etc ploughing through at all times of the day. Why are the restrictions never policed?

  3. About time the cars that just pass through by mistake or to visit McDonalds were stopped! This hybrid version of pedestrianisation suits no one

  4. Well thankyou very much Lichfield another set back for us Blue Badge people who wont be able to get to our Banks Dentist’s we have Blue Badges for a reason l can see all the comments thinking it a good idea are able to walk where ever they want to go how lucky for them.

  5. How will these cameras help factor in those who have completely given up going into the city centre due to the changes to disabled parking provision, or the fact that there are so many stores closing down?

  6. When it is all pedestrianised could we have some public information sign posts? “This way to the Charity Shops”, “This way to the Betting Shops”, “House Agents This Way”. It is so helpful showing tourists what you have to offer.

  7. Lichfield seems to be closing down, empty shops, complete fiasco of friars gate money thrown away right left and centre (our money)such a lovely city

  8. Forget the disabled as usual; no thought to how far they have to walk (or are actually unable to walk). Parking spaces already reduced so existing cafes can have tables outside, which I have yet to see full anyway. Existing regulations should be properly policed first.

  9. Who are these 1,000 people, obviously they don’t have blue badges or any mobility problems. You only realize how important these parking places are when you are the one needing them. Thank you Lichfield Council.

  10. k Harvey you’ve hit the nail on the head. At one time you could manoeuvre to avoid potholes but now there are more potholes than road so it’s a case of choosing the least large / deep pothole to travel over. Doesn’t bear guessing how many craters will appear in the new part of the southern bypass after 12 months or less.

  11. I’m all for the pedestrianisation of the city centre but with it let’s make dedicated blue badge bays back of B&M and Wilkos etc. You cannot provide road to business parking for all shops ? it’s just not possible. Spare a thought for tradesmen who get called to jobs in the centre ? I’ve been in that position unable to work as carrying tools etc from a car park simply isn’t an option?

  12. Dave dingwall they were all full today, I ended up going home as unable to get a table so please open your eyes

  13. Keep disabled badge holders in Bore St and Frog Lane with overspill to ‘Woolies’ car park and include the prohibition of motor vehicles collecting from takeaways and restaurants or ban collections from McDonalds period. Drivers going wrong way up Tamworth St from McDonalds are a menace. The quarters idea is a good idea and needs good input from local people particularly those living in the city centre. Is anyone looking forward to the pubs opening until 4am with its unacceptable consequences, I doubt it. The town has been wonderful at night recently.

  14. Lichfield definitely needs a new lease of life to survive, both with shops and the general set up. We do need to consider spaces for blue badge holders, but otherwise pedestrianisation is what is needed. It would make walking round Lichfield safer and also cut the pollution which is a huge concern now. We would definitely come into town more if this was put into place.

  15. I’d like some evidence from LDC that’s this is lawful in the context of GDPR and who is the data owner and processor. Furthermore how do they propose to analyse days of recordings to draw conclusions. Without such reassurance it feels very intrusive into your movements within the city centre.
    Also is the data been transferred to any third parties for analysis?

    Outside of the GDPR and consent issues I’m sceptical you can actually pedestrianise the proposed area given the need for access for a variety of valid reasons.

  16. ML – that’s okay then, lots of places for the able bodied to sit and drink lattes. Disabled can stay at home or more likely start going to Tamworth.

  17. Before taking any action LDC must beef up the currently pathetically inadequate shop mobility scheme.

  18. To successfully pedestrianise the centre you would have to stop traffic from the Tamworth Street entry at the Lombard Street junction and through the city to where Bore Street joins St. John Street…. including the Market Street and Breadmarket Street loop. To do it properly you would need to include the Frog Lane and Wade Street loop off St John Street.
    I am a great supporter of pedestrianised centres and passionate about pollution prevention (to which this council has given scant regard). That said, because of the layout of the city, I think it would prove very difficult to implement a workable closure plan. The market and shops need good access and the council seems to want to restrict parking. Nothing happens in isolation. The shop commerce of Lichfield is very fragile at the present time. What is desirable and what is practical are two different things.

  19. At last , serious consideration to pedestrian Lichfield city , due to the pandemic ,it is blindingly obvious that all the cafes and restaurants can now, weather permitting, cater for outside eating and drinking , with no obnoxious fumes from traffic , similar to other cathedral cities , providing a great atmosphere for all visitors to our fabulous city . The blue badge holders allowed to park behind B & M would still have easy access to the city center

  20. As soon as I saw Liz Little’s name mentioned my heart sank. We were misled and ignored about the removal of disabled parking bays, and the farce goes on. Those who think that disabled parking in car parks away from banks, dentists and shops is acceptable clearly have no idea of what life is like for disabled people, so it would be best if they kept quiet about something they know nothing about. We already have pedestrianised areas. We already have restrictions on access but they are not enforced. With the closing down of so many shops, it will be a very quiet walk through a fully pedestrianised city centre, for those able to. As for pavement cafés, these will not seem such a good idea come December. Between the landlords and the council, Lichfield is in dire danger of becoming a ghost town.

  21. I am so happy that Lichfield City Centre has Cameras now it is very important to have that cover the whole Centre.

  22. I think Lichfield City Centre should have more visible Police or Security Officers walking through all streets.

  23. I propose a Pop up shop quarter a Charity Shop quarter, a coffee shop quarter a shop shop quarter. That should sort Lichfield out.
    Another fiasco. Grrr….

  24. Choke out the long term residents , the elderly and disabled people who need access to the banks and markets, just so people can sit and drink coffee on the street with out “”smelly” common cars ruining their day!
    (I really don’t think that many cars pass through) let the disabled go to their banks and enjoy the market days !!! It’s been a discrace making them park hundreds of yards away ,DONT LET IT CONTINUE !!!!

  25. People with blue badges have them for a reason to help them move about the city centre with ease,when something is not broke you dot try fixing it, I cant walk far so if I need to go to wilko I appreciate being able to use my badge to park near the shop, lichfield council are run by old farts who haven’t a clue how difficult it can be with people whom suffer disability

  26. I am a disabled pensioner, without a car but who needs access to places such as the dentist in Bore Street and the opticians in Market Square. How am I and others like me supposed to manage, getting taxis to these places

  27. Went into the city centre today. Lots of people sitting eating and drinking outside the cafes in Bird Street an along comes a white van and drives through!! You see it all the time. Deliveries to shops should be made before 10.30 and the barriers put up to stop ANYBODY from driving through the town. It isn’t a pedestrianised town and it never has been. It needs sorting out.

  28. Liz Little strikes again. Steam rolling over the disabled. The criteria for being issued a blue badge for parking is as follows. The person is able to walk more than 1 meter but not more than 20 meters either with an aid or without. The last time I checked Bore Street Dental Surgery, Wilko’s, Barclays Bank, Etc where all more than 20 meters from the rear of B&M or any alternative car park that Mrs Little and her cronies at LDC dream up. It’s high time this farcical plan was shelved once and for all. Mrs Little once told me directly that she needed no consultation with anyone to carry out these changes as covid regulations said she didn’t have too. Now how’s that for pure arrogance.

  29. I think the system of twinning Lichfield with other places should be extended. Might I suggest Chernobyl?

  30. Why are all blue badge holders so miserable? This is a fantastic city and I am sure the council are taking on board your concerns.

  31. I may be missing something but I cannot find the ‘plan’ or is this the first salvo in creating it? I have similar concerns to other blue badge holders. The parking bays at the rear of B&M are fine except for those who have mobility issues whose access to services through narrow alleyways cause difficulty due to distance. Also, I have often seen tradespeople drive through to collect food from McDonalds, Greggs etc seemingly with impunity.
    Will the ‘plan’ see a shuttle service consisting of electric vehicles provided to transport people to and from services / shops?

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