Cllr Darren Ennis
Cllr Darren Ennis

Disappointed but proud – that was the verdict of a Labour candidate who missed out on a seat at Staffordshire County Council.

Darren Ennis – who also sits on Lichfield District Council and Burntwood Town Council – missed out on the Burntwood South seat to former Lichfield District Council leader Cllr Mike Wilcox, losing by 1,419 votes to 1,339.

But despite the defeat, the Labour candidate said there were positives to be taken from the result.

“Though disappointed of coming second, I am also proud that the residents of Burntwood South voted for me in great numbers.

“Eighty votes between me and the winner is a massive decrease from 658 in 2017 so there are many positives to be taken from this election and good building blocks for the 2025 elections.”

Darren Ennis

The elections saw the Conservatives secure a clean sweep of county council seats across Lichfield and Burntwood.

But the beaten Labour councillor said Cllr Wilcox – who represents Alrewas and Fradley on Lichfield District Council – would need to ensure local residents were properly represented.

“Well done to Mike for winning the seat, but as the town and district councillor for Chasetown – nearly half of Burntwood South – I will be keeping an eye on his work and making sure he gives Burntwood all the time and support it needs to make it great.”

Darren Ennis

Full results for Burntwood South:

  • Michael Wilcox (Cons) – 1,419
  • Darren Ennis (Lab) – 1,339
  • John Paul Taylor (Lib Dem) – 199

3 replies on “Burntwood Labour candidate disappointed but proud after election defeat”

  1. I am more worried as this Councillor lives a fair way from burntwood and I feel will lack the empathy that Darren ennis would have give. I have lived in an area before that the Councillor didn’t live in and they did nothing and we only saw them when it was re-election day. I feel that burntwood have been robbed of a great doer and not one that I feel will hide in the shadows . He has very very big boots to fill . Sometimes it’s not about the colour of the rosette but what that person brings to the table . I only ever saw Darren out and about posting his own leaflets and doing rubbish collections . I have not had one leaflet from any of the other candidates, I found that very disappointing.

  2. Maybe Darren was out litter picking his own leaflets? Nobody wanted them so they ended up blowing about in the wind. Burntwood needs more from its councillors than just being a ‘great doer’ and a local busy body. Obviously most voters agreed.

  3. Local busy body?
    I think you need to look into Darren’s achievements as a town and district councillor, the help and advice he has given his constituents and his success in the installation of the many defibrillators around the town where he raised the funds solely by donations. Look closely and you will find his dedication to Burntwood. Meanwhile Mike Wilcox when leader of Lichfield council allowed just over one thousand pounds of capital expenditure in Burntwood while easing nearly eight million on a ill conceived failed development plan in Lichfield.

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