The former leader of Lichfield District Council has won a seat on Staffordshire County Council as the Conservatives celebrated victories across the region.

Cllr Mike Wilcox
Cllr Mike Wilcox

Cllr Mike Wilcox was elected in the Burntwood South seat as the Conservatives enjoyed a strong day at the polls.

County council leader Cllr Alan White won in Lichfield Rural East, while Janet Eagland took the Lichfield Rural North division and Cllr Colin Greatorex took victory in the Lichfield City South area.

The Conservative successes continued with Cllr Richard Cox and Cllr David Smith taking the Lichfield Rural West and Lichfield Rural South divisions respectively.

Janice Silvester-Hall also secured Tory victory in the Lichfield City North vote, while Tom Loughbrough-Rudd completed the clean sweep with victory in Burntwood North.

Full results – Staffordshire County Council local seats

Burntwood North

  • Tom Loughbrough Rudd (Cons) – 1,450
  • Sue Woodward (Lab) – 1,415
  • Jamie Christie (Lib Dem) – 97

Burntwood South

  • Michael Wilcox (Cons) – 1,419
  • Darren Ennis (Lab) – 1,339
  • John Paul Taylor (Lib Dem) – 199

Lichfield City North

  • Janice Silvester-Hall (Cons) – 1,391
  • Kathy Coe (Lab) – 1,047
  • Miles Trent (Lib Dem) – 370
  • Stephen Sanders (Green) – 269
  • Christopher Wilkinson (Ind) – 143
  • John Madden (Ind) – 80

Lichfield City South

  • Colin Greatorex (Cons) – 1,936
  • Ann Hughes (Lab) – 857
  • Hugh Ashton (Lib Dem) – 691
  • Paul Ecclestone-Brown (Green) – 508

Lichfield Rural East

  • Alan White (Cons) – 2,196
  • Lorna McGinty (Lab) – 583
  • Roger Bennion (Lib Dem) – 485

Lichfield Rural North

  • Janet Eagland (Cons) – 2,153
  • David Whatton (Lab) – 712
  • Simon Partridge (Green) – 360
  • Paul McDermott (Lib Dem) – 229
  • Peter Longman (Ind) – 202

Lichfield Rural South

  • David Smith (Cons) – 2l,754
  • Brad Westwood (Lab) – 566
  • John Smith (Lib Dem) – 258

Lichfield Rural West

  • Richard Cox (Cons) – 2,629
  • Mark Pritchard (Lab) – 614
  • Fiona Robertson (Lib Dem) – 232
  • Janet Higgins (UKIP) – 87

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  1. 33% turnout for the whole of Lichfield District.

    Well, you get what you didn’t vote for, I suppose.

  2. 33% turnout just goes to show how sick and tired people are with local politics. And let’s face it, is it any wonder?

  3. I give up, why does Lichfield vote in such wasters as Wilcox with his track record? Let’s see if Eagland makes good on her promise to sort out HGVs in Lichfield. There really is no hope for this area.

  4. So a progressive alliance of Lab/Lib/Green could have won in all except the rural seats. First Past the Post at its worst, again.

  5. Like a third of lemmings leading everyone to the slaughter for the inevitable austerity 2.0

  6. Like you John Allen I’m astounded that Wilcox was voted in after he lead the debacle of Friarsgate, Netherstowe/Leyfields land sale, meetings behind closed doors, the list is endless, but the voters didn’t get out there and those that did don’t always research candidates they just look at the colour pinned to the mast. I love this Turkish Proverb it is so apt ” The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe, for the axe was very clever and convinced the trees that because his handle was made of wood he was one of them”.

  7. Brilliant proverb AnnS, sums it up nicely. And if the majority of people didn’t vote for the party that wins, it can hardly be considered a valid democratic election, no matter who wins. A similar issue came up with the referendum (remember that?). The result was so close, it shouldn’t have formed the basis for any decision. Our ‘democracy’ isn’t working.

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