Cllr Mike Wilcox
Cllr Mike Wilcox

A new councillor says he will “work tirelessly” for people living in Burntwood.

Cllr Mike Wilcox won the Burntwood South seat in the Staffordshire County Council elections.

The former leader of Lichfield District Council beat Labour candidate Darren Ennis by 80 votes.

It was a double victory in Burntwood for the Conservatives with Cllr Thomas Loughbrough securing the Burntwood North seat.

Cllr Wilcox said:

“I am absolutely delighted to have been elected to represent the residents of Burntwood South.

“I believe we have a great opportunity to deliver for the residents now that both county councillors representing Burntwood are Conservatives.

“I can assure everyone that both Cllr Thomas Loughborough and myself will work tirelessly for the good of everyone in Burntwood.

“Finally, thank you to everyone who voted for us both – we really do appreciate your support.”

Cllr Mike Wilcox, Staffordshire County Council

Full results from the Staffordshire County Council election divisions in Lichfield and Burntwood are available here.

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  1. I really hope that “working tirelessly” doesn’t mean wasting millions of pounds and a decade on not getting a new shopping centre.

  2. is this the same Councillor who spaffed £13m on Friarsgate, encouraged council meetings behind closed doors and authorised an illegal sale of public owned space in Netherstowe which will cost the Council taxpayers £100k in compensation to Bromford? He lives in Alrewas, represents Burntwood which is 13 miles away, which he ignored as Leader of LDC, AND he was still voted in??
    Such a shame that Sue Woodward loses her seat to this plonker after all she has done for the area. Demonstrates that voters do not think and consider who works tirelessly on their behalf.

  3. Seriously – this win has made me completely question democracy. He was a complete and utter failure for Lichfield, as was his wife, who at one point suggested stopping Lichfield Live from reporting on council business. And yet here we are – he’s back again. The people of Burntwood will rue this. I’ll give him 6 months before he majorly messes up again.

  4. Mike Wilcox. Is the Electorate of sound Mind.
    Does he know where Burntwood is? Will he regenerate Burntwood Town Centre. I do hope he will work tirelessly and not waste Millions of taxpayers money on failed projects and forecasts as in his previous employ.

  5. Well Burntwood, if you harboured any hope for the development of your town centre, kiss goodbye to that now.

  6. Were was the councillors bidding for there vote I’ve only lived in chasetown since aug 2020 and not seen one councillor not very good is it. I’ve spoke to Dennis but never seen him

  7. I quote Femi Sorry” Anyone who knows the majority has voted Labour/Dem/SNP/Green in every election (but 3) since WW2, yet the Tories have kept power……But doesn’t support an Electoral Pact based on Electoral Reform…
    cares more about taking power than serving people, but will achieve neither.”
    We don’t live in a democracy because First Past the Post is a rigged system. Lichfield is a city of ill informed Tory supporters. How anyone can even be a member of this nasty party that has ruined the UK is quite beyond me. Far less stand as a candidate. Except of course that is what gets them status. Ignorance achieves these votes. Why do people vote Tory? Even as corruption is rife in central government?

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