A Burntwood councillor has admitted “politics can be brutal” after losing her seat on Staffordshire County Council.

Cllr Sue Woodward

Cllr Sue Woodard failed to retain the Burntwood North seat, losing out to Conservative candidate Cllr Thomas Loughbrough by 35 votes.

The Burntwood Town Council leader said she felt national issues had played a role in the result.

“I’m sad to have lost, of course, but politics can be brutal and local politics in particular.

“There was a sort of inevitability that a highly marginal seat like Burntwood North would change hands.

“As local councillors, we are always judged on national issues which is a real shame because local government affects people’s local area at least as much as national politics.

“It’s also a shame, in my view, that only around a third of electors take part in local democracy.

“I congratulate my successor and will be holding him to account for the promises he has made.”

Cllr Sue Woodward

Cllr Woodward added that she had been “overwhelmed” by the support from local residents – and vowed to continue giving her best for the town.

“I’m not done yet and, as Leader of Burntwood Town Council, I want to continue to strive for a ‘better Burntwood’ and to see all local councillors pulling in the same direction, regardless of political colour. 

“I’ve been overwhelmed with messages of support and am grateful to each and every one of the people who took the time and trouble to get in touch.

“I’m particularly grateful to the people who voted for me and to my volunteer helpers. We can take some comfort that, in the national context, it was a pretty respectable result.”

Cllr Sue Woodward

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  1. It had nothing to do with national issue for my vote, it was because nothing seem to happen for Burntwood.

  2. You’re a brilliant councillor Sue and I’m sorry you lost this seat.
    You’ve been so supportive and helpful to many Burntwood residents and you’ll be a huge loss.
    The Midlands seems lost to anything but a brexit, right wing ideology at the moment and it’s such a shame that so many can’t be bothered to vote.
    I fear for this area now with no challenge or scrutiny of the tories. It’s thoroughly depressing but we must have hope for a better future. I’m encouraged to see you’ll play a part in that.

  3. As usual labour are still delusional and seems to act like a patient on a psychoward. In all the years labour had in the locality they failed to achieve anything locally whilst blaming the Tories. Personally the party represents everything alien and anti British for no one knows anymore what a labour government would bring to the table.

  4. Might of been different if voters and had some tangible differences or clear achievements to credit local Labour councillors for. All I seem to see from them is giving it all talk and no action.

  5. It really beggars belief. Do the commenters above realise that Labour were the Opposition party to a significant Conservative majority over the past few years?
    If you feel that nothing satisfactory has happened in Burntwood, then why did you vote in the party that has been in a position to really DO something about that?

  6. @John cradden… Not having an effective opposition is no good for anyone. The Tories are and ever will be capitalists. Self interest (HS2) etcetera is the hallmark of their policies. That said, I think you are right about the Labour party. Perhaps not to the extent of being “alien” or “anti British” but by not being able to control Tory greed. How many have profited from the pandemic?
    The Labour party are without meaningful policies. They would not commit themselves over Brexit and imploded with internal conflict. It is dangerous having one party politics, but with Labour, if they don’t know where they are going any road will take them there. We are all losers in this scenario.

  7. John Cradden & Philip – superb analysis if you feel like that but, Sue Woodward has your back in Burntwood so… good luck with your votes.

  8. Devastated to see Sue lost out by so few votes. She’s been a brilliant advocate for the area during her time in office and I will be sad to know that the area isn’t in good hands. All the best Sue.

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