Two new councillors for Burntwood have been described as “dedicated” representatives by one of their colleagues.

Cllr Mike Wilcox and Cllr Thomas Loughbrough won both of the town’s seats on Staffordshire County Council.

Cllr Wai-Lee Ho, Conservative member for Highfield ward on Lichfield District Council, said they would both work hard for Burntwood.

Cllr Wai-Lee Ho

“As the local officer on the Conservative executive, I am overjoyed for Mike Wilcox and Thomas Loughbrough.

“I am especially excited to be working with Mike and Thomas, as my district ward forms part of both their county divisions.

“I spoke to both after their victories and they are both dedicated to provide the best outcomes for their divisions and for Highfield ward.

“I of course extend my commiserations to Sue Woodward and Darren Ennis, whose service to Burntwood has been commendable.”

Cllr Wai-Lee Ho, Lichfield District Council

Cllr Wilcox, who was previously leader of Lichfield District Council, said he would “work tirelessly” for local residents following his election win.

Full results from the Staffordshire County Council election divisions in Lichfield and Burntwood are available here.

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  1. Tirelessly from Alrewas that is. Hopefully he will consider offsetting his carbon footprint in some way while he is tirelessly travelling to Burntwood.

  2. I am most happy to see young councillors like Thomas Loughbrough elected to a senior position. I was most blessed to of had some dealings with him last year and found him to be a person of most high character. I hoped he would of won and I know he will be doing good things for our town for a long number of years. I know he has a lovely fiance and 3 young babies and will work to build a good town for his family and for us all. I would like to wish Thomas, Sophia and his young family the best wishes of my own family and so many good congratulations on this election.

  3. If councillor Wilcox does for burntwood the same as he done with friarsgate then things are looking up
    I think not.

  4. Frankly I find the mutual congratulations from the Tories somewhat sickening, and it’s starting to verge on gloating. At the end of the day, considerably less than a third of the electorate voted for them.

  5. Oh my goodness how poor our elected people are!
    wake up and smell the coffee Lichfield or this beautiful city will just be another conurbation of the Midlands before you can say Dr Johnson. Don’t vote Tory just because they’re not…..

  6. Where were the conservative candidates with their promises before the election?none made any appearance in Boney Hay and no information was forwarded through our letter boxes of their policies.

  7. Everyone seems delighted that Mike Willcox is back on the scene!
    Never heard of the other bloke.
    Thomas Loughbrough seems to be the strong, silent type – the perfect Tory councillor, never says anything worthwhile just votes to back his party whenever it is needed. Just another bue backside occupying a seat.
    He’ll be a hell of a contrast to Sue Woodward, but not in a good way.

  8. What have these councillors actually promised in terms of local issues and improvements for Burntwood? We could probably guess that Cllr Wilcox would be fairly detached from the division he now represents as that is what we have come to expect. But Cllr Loughbrough has been a town Councillor so you would expect a bit more information from him.

    Maybe that is the problem. The devil is in the detail. There is no substance.

    Cannot help but wonder how on earth Sue Woodward lost out if there is nothing worthwhile coming from her successful opponent.

    We live in strange political times.

  9. About time we had someone under 30 representing us instead of all the old people who have done nothing for any us for so long. They have had there time. Now is the time for those like Thomas to actually start doing stuff properly. It is 2021, so you all should be excited that we have some great young council people now.

  10. But Sophia ( I think you’ve got some skin in the game)
    I’m in my early 50’s don’t feel old at all and I think Thomas is speaking to my parents generation , not me. In fact I’ve got nothing in common with his political views.
    I think he’s living in a 1950s utopia where the Commonwealth was much more important to uk than it now is, I think he’s clinging to a brexit which never existed and that he’s a bit naive overall in politics. But that’s my personal view only…
    I couldn’t care less if he’s 28 or 32…or 52 or 68…it’s the actual sentiment that counts surely, a bit silly to bring age into this?
    But nevertheless, best to you & yours.

  11. Sophie. ageism is totally out of the equation. Let’s hope Thomas has the capability of injecting new beginnings. Unfortunately even though he is a Young Man he is stuck in a time warp. Nevertheless I wish him well.

  12. The only skin I have in the game is being happy to see the right people getting elected. It is time for the older ones to move aside as all they have done is made mistakes that we will have to pay for. They have tried for years but stuffed it up. Now it is our turn.

  13. Indeed Sophia. Good to see a family man with several children being elected. Shame he doesn’t say more about them these days though.

  14. I literally know nobody of any age who votes for a candidate based on their age, it’s an odd way to choose an elected representative.
    If Tom wants to be a modern, forward-thinking Cllr and an agent for change then I’d recommend he leaves the tory party. Because he’ll have to do their bidding regardless of his age.

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