Council chiefs say steps are being taken to remove travellers from open space in Lichfield.

Travellers parked on Saddlers Park in Lichfield

A group of caravans parked up on Saddlers Wood in Boley Park today (11th May).

Cllr Richard Cox, cabinet member responsible for parks at Lichfield District Council, said the travellers would be moved on within days.

Cllr Richard Cox

“We are aware of the group of travellers that have moved into Saddlers Wood.

“We are following the appropriate process to effect their removal from site, which may take a few days.

“The behaviour of the group will be monitored and any anti-social behaviour should be reported directly to the police.”

Cllr Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council

The site is the latest to be used by travellers across the city over the past year.

In September, a group moved on to land next to a primary school in Streethay, while in July 2020 police were forced to step in after clashes between travellers and local residents at Netherstowe.

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  1. Oh dear !! Here we go again let the law breakers continue to camp illegally on council land ? I bet if it was a troop of scouts camping there hordes of local bobbies would be brave enough to move them on ? But it seems certain folks can do what they like and leave the taxpayers to pay for the clear up afterwards !!! Mr Fabricant where are you when we need you to get rid?

  2. Fully respect the rights and freedoms the traveller community enjoy and it’s good to see LDC have spent many years in ensuring there is a detailed plan in place that looks at their accommodation needs up until 2040. Not so pleased that there is no joint agencies plan with Staffs Police to respond to the threat this community pose to anybody that manages land that could be invaded. These plans are in place in other counties. Lichfield Sports Club has had to spend several thousand pounds in additional security these past few weeks. If they drove over a cricket wicket or parked a caravan on our field, that impacts many hundreds of sports men, women and children across Staffordshire. Not something that our council or police are worried about it would appear.

  3. They have come from Tamworth, they have been going from field to field. They left a children’s play area in Wilnecote yesterday, absolutely wrecked the kids football pitch by driving over it all week.

  4. It’s nice to see the Travellers making use of the oark,,& enjoying the Sunshine.. Welcome them,,and God bless us all

  5. Let us all live in the land of the free!
    No income tax, no water bill, no vehicle tax, no community charge (rates), and so it goes on, wonderful!

  6. Curiously Lichfield District Council can accomodate loosing £100,000 trying to sell our parks but woe betide someone who comes from a travelers community and has the nerve to put a toe on Lichfield open space. Stephen Sanders

  7. There should be zero tolerance for these people when they set up illegally be it on public or private land. Land owners should be able to call the police and have them removed immediately. Tow their caravans away by force if necessary and impound them. They have sites they can legally use. They choose to act in a criminal manner and there is no reason for society to accommodate them when they do.

  8. I hope the local residents who place scrap metals on the pavements or accept cash only garden work or driveways are now feeling guilty ? If Lichfield residents make it unfeasable to make a quick buck they won’t come back ? STOP FEEDING THEM !!!! It’s in your hands Lichfeldians ?

  9. Something needs to be done to stop this. These people are repeatedly acting illegally, and causing distress, expense and lack of amenity to those that are paying for it.

    Time for new legislation that stops this as they have done in Ireland where so many of these ‘travellers’ come from. As things stand they know nothing can be done, and that they can stay wherever they go for x number of days before they repeat the process at a new location.

  10. While some people are busy defending them, they might also wish to visit the area they have just vacated to view the disgusting mess they invariably leave behind, and the wanton damage they do. Again, visit Netherstowe and see how they stripped young trees completely bare of their barks. You cannot defend the indefensible.

  11. Anyone who claims that Travellers leave a mess should look at the disgusting mess that is regularly carted away from our settled homes. No reason to be surprised or judgemental. I am so disappointed that this racist attitude is seen as fit to be published. Not in my name!

  12. The courts should get tough on these travellers who seem to get away with things that normal law abiding people wouldn’t get away with.

  13. Jude – mess is carted away from our settled homes tidily by us putting it in bins and it being collected by a service we all pay for via council tax. Or we flush it down the toilet. Travellers dump all their mess on land which they have illegally occupied and the cost of cleaning it up is covered out of taxes paid by people in the local area.

  14. It is amazing that people support illegal activity by some ‘travellers’.

    It is not their right to act illegally by: illegally occupying land owned by others; dumping waste illegally; illegally camping; illegally breaking locks or barriers to enter the areas.

    It is not racist to call out illegal actions by people. It is simply that the actions listed are not generally carried out by non ‘travellers’.

    Action is needed by revision of our laws to put a stop to what some of them do.

  15. Is there any land in Lichfield District legally allocated to Travellers? Be good to have a less polarised situation.

  16. From the perspective of someone living next to this park this situation is not improving. We now have double the number of caravans, vans and cars in the park that we had on Tuesday. We have quad bikes and vans being driven all over the park causing rutting and damage to grass, paths and trees. We also have a horse grazing in the park. Local residents have been made aware that any eviction order will not go before the magistrates court until the end of next week which is not the few days that councillor Cox talks about. We dread to think what condition the park will be in by the time these people leave. Surely this situation can be sorted quicker than this?

  17. I have just witnessed a security guard in Boley Park Co-Op having to speak to one of these ‘travellers’ with regards to items in their bag that hadn’t paid for. These people do not contribute anything to the economy. You will always have the do-gooders sticking up for them
    You might feel different if they set up their camp next to your house. The sooner this lot are moved on the better.

  18. Why the hell will an eviction order not go before magistrates until end of next week? There is no ambiguity here. The travellers are illegally occupying the land and causing distress and nuisance. They should have been removed by now with a police escort out of town and measures put in place to prevent them gaining access again.

  19. I wonder how all the do gooders and council members would react if these ‘travellers’ pulled up and moved in next to them ?

  20. Hi All…very disappointed with the lack of progress…I think Boley Park suffers from being a bit removed from the centre of Lichfield….but we all still contribute to the LDC via Council Tax….a quick question….if the Tarvellers had arrived on Tuesday in the Market Square…would they still be there? Have a good weekend all, Dave

  21. I find it hilarious that Lichfeldians who have consistently voted for budget cuts and austerity every single Local and General Election are getting their knickers in a twist because the Council doesn’t have enough staff and the Court system is a mess. Ah well, at least your bin is being emptied.

  22. Hi, Its good to see that the traveling community in Lichfield have actually found a bit of public open space to camp on. I thought that between the local council, and the unusual canal people, most of our local public open space had gone for road building and installing a canal. Do we really need a canal? What happens to all the folk who want to kick a ball around with their kids, have a picnic, go for a walk?

  23. Dave, please do expand upon why it’s good that travellers have illegally set up camp on a park, denying locals use of it as a result, and are now making a mess of it. Perhaps you could visit the homes next to the park and explain the good things about to the travellers presence to the residents. Your comments about the canal are daft. The canal isn’t taking away land people would otherwise use to kick a ball around on with kids (how wide do you think a canal is). Go and take a walk along the canal development which has been done so far, which you can, because it includes footpaths. You could even take a picnic with you and sit at one of the benches or picnic tables you’ll find along the way.

  24. Dave ..Unusual Canal People.The first Canals were dug by Navvies in the Mid 18th Century, without them No Industrial Revolution. They did not take up open spaces. Your good idea of Travellers illegally setting up their encampment in a Park is as stupid as your first comment… Ignorance is Bliss..

  25. Dave….Beacon Park? Are you struggling for space to kick a ball around up there? How big is the ball you intend to kick? Or are you hoping to put on a world cup event?

  26. Even more vans there now [Mon 17 May am] Seems the Councillors comments re days is incorrect it has become week[s] The mess especially around kiddies little pay area is unbelievable

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