Council chiefs say travellers will be removed from parkland in Lichfield as soon as the legal process allows.

Travellers parked on Saddlers Park in Lichfield

Caravans and other vehicles moved onto Saddlers Wood in Boley Park earlier this week.

Lichfield District Council originally said the group would be moved on within “a few days”.

Cllr Richard Cox, cabinet member responsible for parks, confirmed steps were still being taken to prevent the group staying at the site.

“We appreciate the distress that this situation is causing to local residents and can assure them we are following the necessary legal process to have the travellers removed from Saddlers Wood as soon as we are permitted.

“We have served the travellers with notice of our intention to do this.

“We share residents’ concerns about rubbish around the site and will ensure that there is a clean-up of anything left behind when the group leaves.

“We will continue to monitor the behaviour of the group – any anti-social behaviour should be reported directly to the police.”

Cllr Richard Cox, Lichfield District Council

The site is the latest to be used by travellers across the city over the past year.

In September, a group moved on to land next to a primary school in Streethay, while in July 2020 police were forced to step in after clashes between travellers and local residents at Netherstowe.

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  1. These people do not abide by the laws of the land so why does it have to take 2 wks plus to get a court order to move them? They should be removed wihin a2 day period. & also ensure they clean there own mess up instead of passing on the costs to residents, also change local bylaws to encompass these problems not sit back and then faff about taking weeks to deal with it.

  2. When travellers were in Darnford Park they were moved on within a couple of days, what’s different this time. We pay through taxes for this park and we can’t use it, and we will be paying for the clean up when they are removed.!

  3. Around the Lichfield/Burnwood area there are several roadside signs prohibiting the racing and gathering of people for illegal racing etc.
    Why can there not be an injunction taken out to forbid the illegal camping etc on any land within a given area?
    With this there would be no need to get court orders to remove any group that turns up illegally as at present.
    These travelers know full well that they have a set amount of time before the local authority can get court proceedings underway to remove them.

  4. Since that photo was taken more travellers have set up on the site with no prevention for more joining. There is now a horse box, damage to the grass areas from vans driving around, increased dumping of litter and recently filmed footage of a quad bike being ridden around at speed. The latter was mysteriously not present by the time the police turned up the following day after it was reported. It’s a shame that such a community area bring respite and joy to many people locked away from covid these past months is being trashed by individuals with no consideration to other human beings.

  5. I agree 100% with all these residents comments, and urge EVERYONE, (but especially anyone over the age of 75,) to take a photograph of the camp – ensuring that it includes the TV aerials that these itinerants erect and use these photographs to respond to the BBC, if and when their “hired enforcers” turn up at your door demanding that you pay for a TV licence!

  6. We had travellers on the park at stonydelph Tamworth for nearly two weeks till the council removed them . Looking at pictures of the ones at Lichfield they are the same . The rubbish they have left in awful ,plus they damaged a item of play equipment which ours kids loved to play on .and with their vehicles have torn up the football pitch and thrown paint everywhere. If it was one of use we would be charged with criminal damage so why not them .

  7. It is crazy that they can’t be removed instantly. It’s illegal to drive there. It’s illegal to camp there.
    Travellers are not treated in the same way as the rest of us by the police. It would be different if you or I did the same thing.
    They should be made to pay for the damage.

  8. Ian, absolutely correct they are treated differently to to the rest of us. Imagine if all the caravan holders who lived on Boley park estate decided to hold a rally there would not the police be arriving fairly quickly threatening them with arrest. A law was supposedly passed to move these travellers on sooner but I see little evidence of that. Perhaps the newly elected crime commissioner could make this a priority of his tenure.

  9. Why are they still here! We were told they would be gone by today. It’s a disgrace! There are more vans plus a horse, litter everywhere, washing hanging up, damage to the park with obvious track damage and it smells! My toddler and I use the park on a daily basis to explore and have fun but have had to turn straight back!

  10. We have travellers who have bought a plot of land in Longdon. There were complaints about them being there….. but they had not done anything wrong. They have been there a couple of years now and have not caused any issue……. have your travellers in Lichfield caused any issues? One of their crimes listed above was “washing hanging up”… what a disgrace…. I’m glad Crimewatch is no longer on TV, I couldn’t stand the “Sock Laundering Scandal”.

  11. Thanks Fuggs for giving an alternative view. The general attitude towards GRT groups is disgraceful. It seems to be the last “acceptable” form of racism to many. It’s unacceptable.

  12. Fuggs – the travellers this article is about are illegally occupying a park. That alone makes them criminals. You’ve cherry picked washing hanging up out of a list of someone’s observations. Do you care to address the other observations and try to defend them as well? Travellers legally occupying land they own is a very different thing to what is happening on saddlers wood.

  13. My main concern is, where are they emptying the toilets? Obviously on the Park itself one would assume?…Why isn’t the entrance from Burton Old Rd, more secure, I asked months ago to make these Parks more secure, especially, Boley and by the Scout Hut on Ash Grove, I was told “Dont worry, they wont use it!” well they have…

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