Lichfield’s MP has been criticised over comments made about pro-Palestinian protesters.

Michael Fabricant. Picture: UK Parliament

Michael Fabricant posted a since deleted tweet describing them as “primitives”.

Michael Fabricant’s tweet

The post was accompanied by the sharing of footage of the clashes between the protesters and police outside the Israeli embassy in London.

“These primitives are trying to bring to London what they do in the Middle East.”

Michael Fabricant MP

Nick Lowles MBE, CEO of Hope Not Hate said the Conservatives should take action against Mr Fabricant following his comments.

“Tensions are running high around the world in response to the dreadful scenes we’ve all witnessed in Israel and the occupied Palestine territories over recent days.

“Appallingly, this crisis has also led to a surge in antisemitism in the UK with vile slurs aimed at Jewish people, and synagogues being vandalised. There has also been a surge in racism aimed at Muslims. 

“Political leaders have a responsibility to bring communities together, not stir division.

“Disgracefully, we saw a horrendous slur used by Conservative MP Michael Fabricant, who used Twitter to call British Muslim protesters ‘primitives’. 

“I am disgusted by this sort of slur. We immediately called for Mr Fabricant’s suspension and I have followed this up by writing directly to the Chief Whip to demand action.”

Nick Lowles MBE, Hope Not Hate

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  1. This primitive idiot should be banned from Twitter like trump.
    He and his cronies support the perpetual killing of women and children by military airstrike via arms sales. Literal war crimes broadcast on international news, yet Palestinians are the aggressors, even though Israel encroaches more and more on their territory each year.
    Disgraceful how he can chirp in without consequence on a protest, but I suppose it won’t matter when the police bill passed and there will be no chance to protest.

  2. I don’t really care about Fabricant’s comments. The cause of this unsolvable problem goes back to 1948 and the annexation of Palestinian landmass. Like many such conflicts; Northern Ireland, Yugoslavia, parts of Spain, parts of Belgium and many more, there is always potential conflict. Israel has a powerful lobby with America. It is also very rich. History is not about yesteryears, the consequences are felt interminably. These situations will never go away.

  3. Here we go again. How do we get rid of this man. Please people of the constituency- think seriously about voting him in again. He makes us look stupid too.

  4. I am really pleased that these Twitter comments came to the attention of such a well respected organisation as Hope Not Hate. Mr Fabricant harbours extremist views, and his Twitter account needs to be monitored. Any anti-hate organisation should have Mr Fabricant on their watch list.

    I have previously made an official complaint to the Conservative Party about his online activities condoning the illegal burning of the EU flag in Germany only to be told that he was doing his job as my MP! Ironically, Germany had brought in new anti-hate laws covering all national and many international flags in response to the burning of the Israeli flag by protesters. Yet Mr Fabricant singled out the EU flag and used this as an opportunity to stir up hatred against Germany and the EU.

    It is vitally important that divisive views such as Mr Fabricant’s are continuously challenged and that people are prepared to speak out against hate, especially from politicians.

  5. There is a website called the Knowhere Guide – it’s quite out-of-date now, being a kind of mid-noughties guide to Britain for young skaters and such, but some things don’t change. On the Lichfield page, under ‘worst things’ someone wrote ‘Michael Fabricant’. They misspelled his name, though. Well, I thought they did at the time.

  6. @lichvegas – the knowhere guide made me laugh.

    As you say it is out of date:

    The local councils desire to build on any small bit of open space.

    That doesn’t happen now.

  7. He never fails to deliver does he! Absolutely disgraceful Mr F. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, but you’re not. Why anyone continues to vote for this man I will never understand. He’s a total embarrassment.

  8. When will the local Tory Party de-select him. He doesn’t represent a modern forward thinking #lichfield surely his long history or racist and sexists remarks is enough to get him removed.Does this actually represent what the Local Tory party stands for. Racism/Bullying/Sexism

  9. Whydopeoplestillvoteforhim?
    (oh that’s right: Lichfield is a white, middle-class city full of people who probably agree with him)

  10. Fabricant’s twitter account reflects the real views of the man as he regularly trolls people on it. Unfortunately he seems to revel in his notoriety and the controversy he causes without any consequences. Unfortunately many hold similar views in Lichfield so he won’t be voted out anytime soon. The only way we will be rid is if he chooses to stand down. Lichfield is the modern equivalent of a rotten borough.

  11. Nudge??? What do you want lichfield to be then, a multi cultural crime ridden inner city ?

  12. @Colin

    A witch hunt insofar as the witch had stepped forward and publicly told everyone they were cursed and that they were, indeed, a witch.

  13. How dare those nasty evil Israeli people keep defending their land from those lovely super duper Palestinian chappies who keep firing their missiles into Jewish civilian areas!

  14. Extremist and frankly, racist views are being normalised by the current govt which is no longer representative of the traditional Tory party but one which has shifted further to the right and is now a wing of Ukip. It’s also full of clowns without much ability.
    Sadly people around here lap it all up and I don’t understand why because Lichfield & Burntwood are lovely places but I think people need to wise up because our clown representative is displaying some quite dangerous tendencies.
    Scotty J for example, you give your view of the situation in a sarcastic way but that doesn’t excuse the mp’s language or what he’s trying to suggest.
    Delrymple Sykes what are you suggesting, that anyone who doesn’t look like you is a criminal?

  15. @Scotty J…. It is widely agreed that Israel has a stockpile of Nuclear weapons. Perhaps they could deal with the “Palestinian chappies” that way. I am sure their God would approve.

  16. Hardly surprising that a Jewish MP should make such unpleasant comments in respect of pro-Palestinian protestors, but a shocking choice of words given his position of responsibility.

  17. Kitty, I totally agree with you. Hate is being normalised by this government and promoted by the tabloids. People should want better for this country.

  18. People like Kitty cannot wait to wheel out their woke vocabulary of words like extremist and racist and slag off UKIP (not quite sure what they have got to do with this Middle East spat) but they normally admire anyone or any group who have a sinister dislike of anything that involves Jewish people.

  19. Patch, are words like racist & extremist ‘woke’? You’re a strange one.
    I was commenting on the mp’s language, nothing else.
    For your information because you seem uneducated in history, about 80 years ago Jewish people were subjected to similar language in Germany and we all know where that led.
    It’s dangerous and for an elected representative it’s inappropriate and wrong to speak like that.

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