A Burntwood councillor says the decision by residents to back a new Neighbourhood Plan will ensure the town becomes a “better place for everyone”.

The shopping centre at Sankey’s Corner in Burntwood

A referendum earlier this month saw 76% of people support the proposal.

The plan sets out a strategy for how future developments can be decided on between now and 2029.

It also identifies infrastructure needed to support any growth in homes or businesses.

Cllr Brad Westwood, chairman of the planning advisory group at Burntwood Town Council, said:

Cllr Brad Westwood

“I am glad to see the residents of Burntwood have given their support to the Neighbourhood Plan.

“It will provide a clear guidance for the future of Burntwood’s developments and will help the town in harness it’s potential and become a better place for everyone.

“I’d like to thank the officers and councillors who have worked on the plan, and successfully saw it all the way through to the referendum.”

Cllr Brad Westwood

The vote means that the town council will now receive 25% rather than 15% of the Community Infrastructure Levy which is paid by developers when building in the area.

The policies within the plan will also be taken into account when Lichfield District Council decides on planning applications in Burntwood.

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  1. Might was to implement measures to stop kids on electric scooters on the pavements at the same time.

  2. After 12 years neglect conducted by Wilcox, he got elected to represent the area he neglected. Amazing optimism or tribal idiocy?
    Burntwood continues to get the crumbs from Lichfield table, and all 3 epicentre villages continue to look drab, dead and totally uninviting. Investment on a large scale is not forthcoming, although a couple of bigger crumbs might.

  3. Why is it that whenever anything to do with Burntwood is mentioned there is always the same / similar picture of Sankey’s Corner, what about Swan island?

    I seem to recall a good few years ago someone knocking on the door and asking us if we would like to make a donation for the ‘ Burntwood Christmas Lights Fund’, when asked if they were including Swan Island in the lights, the answer was no…….so was ours !

  4. Burntwood (sankeys corner ) is a eye sore .Run down shops and a empty public house .The only decent looking shop is the mobile phone shop either side of it is awful and shabby .And the huge holes in the roads especially at the roundabout by McDonalds .Where does the council tax we pay go to .

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