A Lichfield pub is hoping to vary its premises licence to allow it to make use of an extended beer garden.

The Duke of York. Picture: Paul Farmer. Available for reuse under this Creative Commons licence

Joule’s Brewery has applied for permission for the Duke of York on Greenhill.

A meeting of Lichfield District Council’s licensing and consents appeals committee will discuss the proposals this week.

A report revealed that thew pub wants to move the car park to the former bowling green area to allow for an extension of the existing beer garden.

Work has already begun on the project, but concerns have been raised from some neighbours, with one concerned over the impact of the changes.

“Our main concerns are excessive noise and the beer bus seemingly being placed in a raised position in full view of the rear of the flats.

“It is a big, ugly, tatty monstrosity of a thing and is too close to our properties.

“It is unclear how many parking spaces the pub will now have. The access road was already getting increasingly busier with customers coming and going at dangerous speed, doing three point turns and reversing in a confined space, often leaving engines idling.

“Greenhill Mews isn’t designed for lots of traffic.”

Letter of objection

The committee will make a decision on the changes at a meeting on Thursday (20th May).

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  1. I have to say as a regular visitor to the pub in question all I ever see is love and support from the team towards its visitors and local residents.

    When people have been noisy they have been advised and asked by the management to be courteous to the local residents or face removal.

    To call, what I see in a development as being in keeping with the building and also of great benefit to the City “A big, ugly, tatty monstrosity of a thing’ is not helpful in these times and could quite possibly have a negative effect on a local business.

    We need more developments like this that are productive and pro-active not negative comments!

    I do not understand your views at all as I grew up next to the M6 being developed so I know about noise and unsightly builds!

  2. It would be good if they could look at their license first and allow families to use the beer garden. Another great pub in Lichfield that does not let young children in at any time. Shame

  3. In these times, places that bring communities together are more important than ever, these things are the very fabric of society. Let’s hope councillors see sense and approve plans for something that will benefit the community as a whole and not side with nimbys who chose to buy a house next to a well managed, responsible pub that has been there for 400+ years.

  4. Well said Jon Arrowsmith. The Duke of York is one of the best managed and run public houses in Lichfield. If there are any neighbour concerns I am sure that the team will have gone the extra mile to help. At the end of the day this is a hospitality business like many others in our City that has been suffering for over 12 months without normal trade. The design and quality of the new outdoor space will be a credit to Lichfield and enhance the offering of this 400 year old established pub.

  5. I think what they are doing will add to the look of the Duke of York. In 10 years I have only seen drinkers enjoying the historic premises. There seems to be as much noise from Tesco car park. Try living next to a gas works like I did for years.

  6. I’m slightly perplexed by the residents associating an increase in traffic with the Duke. It is very unlikely that people enjoying drinks will actually be driving . It would be interesting to see who owns all these vehicles. The “lots of traffic” argument makes no sense.

  7. This expanded beer garden is the best thing to happen in Lichfield City Centre over the past 5+ years. Happy to support the pub in any public proceedings that take place.

  8. If parents want to enjoy time in a garden with their children, may I suggest Beacon Park, it being one of the best facilities in the Midlands for families and indeed children.

  9. Great pub, always friendly, it’s a piece of our history, my wife and I have only ever observed respectful customers, and staff, there must be more noise from tesco’s and aldi’s car park’s.

  10. Well said harry, there are too many kids having kids and bringing them to the pub, letting them run wild and scream whilst their irresponsible ‘parents’ take no notice. The rag in Burntwood have a no children under 14 policy which should be made compulsory.

  11. Thank **** there’s some nice pubs that don’t let children in. If I haven’t got to listen to my own kids, I certainly don’t want to listen to someone else’s.

    (And there’s plenty that do too)

  12. In all honesty I live very close to the Duke of York and never had an issue. The proprietors are nothing but kind, thoughtful and respectful people!

  13. There should not be a problem, after all up until about 25 years ago there was no bowling green. It was constructed by the Pub’s Stalwarts during that era when Landlady Sue (& Graham) Elmy were mine hosts.

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